What kind of people were connecting to the web in 2020?

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Research conducted by CBOS on 20 January 2020 shows that 68% of adult Poles use the Internet, last year only 1% more used the Internet.

This graph shows how many adults used the web by year.

More interestingly, however, it turns out that many factors such as education, wealth and many others influence whether an adult uses the internet or not.

Does age matter?

Age plays a key role. As we know, the generations that were born in the age of the internet cannot imagine life without it. the exceptions are a few social groups such as the Amish. However, there are fewer internet users among older people who did not come across the internet when they were young or who came across it later.

Here is a graph showing the relationship between procentage of people using the internet and their age.

What does education have to do with internet use?

Actually, it is more about the fact that older people usually only had the opportunity to complete primary school, which also translates into statistics in surveys. As can be seen in the graph below, the least people using the Internet are those with primary education, i.e. mostly older people who are not used to using the benefits of the Internet.

Please bear in mind that the number of respondents with lower secondary education was low, as lower secondary education schools has not been in Poland for as long as other schools.

How does the position we work at affect our use of the internet?

It turns out that our work has an impact on whether we use the Internet or not, and some jobs even require access to the Internet and staying up to date via it. As is well known, a farmer does not need access to the web as much as the position of business owner or professionals with higher education requires, who must constantly improve their methods of work in order not to fall from their position. Below is a graph showing the percentage of each occupational group using the internet.

Does the Material Situation Affect Internet Use?

It is obvious that someone who cannot afford to pay for the Internet, pay for the telephone subscription or top up the pre-paid account on the telephone has no way of using the Internet. However, there is an initiative by the O2 network, which is a completely free network, but you still need to have internet access to order a sim card from this network. Rich people, on the other hand, have money for the internet and I bet those extremely rich people who don’t use the internet have subscriptions anyway.

The graph below shows Percentages of internet use among those describing their financial situation as:



Wake up samurai, we have bugs to fix !

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We all know famous quote “Wake the f*** up samurai, we have a city to burn” or the term of describing something as “breathtaking”. Both of them were said by Keanu Reeves and there is no doubts that marketing strategy for Cyberpunk 2077 was excellent (8 million preorders were sold). However, the game by itself didn’t fulfil players expectations.

An exorbitant number of mistakes completely overwhelm Cyberpunk 2077. Flying cars, immortal opponents or unopenable doors are only a few bugs in the ocean pool of problems. Especially console players took a knock, poor optimalization for PS4 and Xbox One resulted removing game from PS Store and Microsoft Store. While programmers of CD Project RED are working in the sweat of the brow, a board of directors has decided to take a floor. On 13th of January 2021 Marcin Iwiński – a co-founder of CD Project released a video on official YouTube profile of Cyberpunk 2077 in which he apologize on behalf of the company for the flawed product. As a source of problems he points a poor communication between board members. Moreover, Iwiński calls fans to stop blaming workers for the final stage of product. In the video he releases a roadmap with a patching priorities for 2021 and promises to fix all bugs. From the roadmap we can read that the first patch is coming soon and at midyear we can expect DLC which is supposed to be free as a compensation.

Personally I haven’t played Cyberpunk 2077 yet but I truly believe that it is a wonderful production which has huge potential. I’m a big fan of The Witcher 3 (spend 160h in the game) and I pin one’s faith on the new production of CD Project RED and really wait for the first good opinions about patches.



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Samsung is not only a phone and TV producer. They also started to focus on robotics and AI solutions. One of their newly announced products at CES2021 is a house robot named BOT Handy which will not only help you in your household activities like laying the table, cleaning or putting dishes into the dishwasher but will also pour wine into your glass. Samsung presented a short video which shows how the robot will look like. The bot is equipped with an arm which can bend in three points ended with a three-fingered hand. The additional advantages are three cameras supported by AI which let the robot recognise different objects, materials and shapes and move around your house without any unnecessary accidents on its way. With its camera the bot can also evaluate the type of material and weight of the object, so that it can use the right amount of force to take them. For now it is more like a concept than a real product. Samsung didn’t provide us a with a release window date or price or any other details but it shows that this industry is now focused also on home robots. . The president of Samsung Research says that the robot will be,, extension of you in the kitchen, living room, and anywhere else you may need an extra hand in your home,”. Samsung doesn’t stop here, they also have plans for other robots used in different places. A Robot named Bot Care also called a ,,robotic assistant and companion” can replace your personal assistant or secretary. This Bot will help you in your home-office which have become very popular during the pandemic of Covid. It will remind you about a break when it can see that you are tired or you spent much more time than usual at the desk. It is constantly observing and learning your habits. One of its duties is also preparing daily schedules and reminding you about your meetings. With built in screen you can have a video chat with for example your client or boss.

Samsung also lounged something more sooner available-JetBOt 90 AI+ which is an intelligent vacuum cleaner with LIDAR(method of measuring distances with light), 3D sensor and also AI which will enable safer and smother movement around the house. It is supposed to be in the shops in this year.

In my opinion in next ten years robots will help us much more than nowadays. What’s more, they will become part of our daily life I am really excited about projects like this, robots and AI is our future,


Amazon’s Alexa will now predict what skills you want to utilize based on your queries

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New inventions and versions of products are now our part of daily life. Each day new products are being launched having smart, extra and additional features. Alexa from amazon is no exception.

Amazon has added new attributes and skills in Alexa. Almost 100,000 skills have been incorporated in it, which can help users and make their life easy and comfortable.

A recent study published by eMarketer shows the company has a 70.6% market share and the number of voice speaker users is expected to double to 35.6 million this year.

It is observed that Alexa has skills more than requirement of user. Consequently, to save from the pain of remembering these skills Amazon has developed a solution.


  • Amazon describes this process as “[inferring] customers’ latent goals.” This means working on any problems that arise from other requests. Amazon gives an example to a customer who asks, “How long does it take to make tea?” To which Alexa would respond “five minutes” before asking to follow up: “Should I set a five-minute counter?”
  • Some skills are added into system include Bark Like a Dog, Earth Cam, Harry Potter Trivia, Historical Voices, Slow Speller, Xbox, and Zoo Keeper.
  • Some of these scenarios will be useful for users.User can get data and information related to business activities, trades of shares, historical events happened on some particular date and solution of difficult questions. User can get answers of difficult and complex issues within seconds.


  • Apparently, it looks nice however, but this is difficult to believe and understand that this feature (which is already available to Alexa customers in English in USA) can be very annoying. If Alexa hears the wrong intentions of the user and offers unwanted skills, that person will certainly be offended.
  • Some skills are not added into system and hence use them is required knowledge to get expertise and with practice.
  • Four places to avoid putting Amazon Echo in home. Intruders can access our smart speaker from outside if it is placed too close to a window. Near a toilet, On a sink, By a window and Under your TV.

In my opinion, Alexa is supportive and helpful. Amazon’s Alexa is providing service as and when user asks about any business, public activities including historical events. It provides two ways of skills. One type of skills are mentioned as headings with standardized words. In case if inquiry can be submitted to system through above type of skills, other type can be adopted to write in shape of question. It provides timely reliable assistance based upon that we can plan, review, and execute. 

It is era of information technology. New inventions are featured with skills that are difficult to understand and to operate the device for some users e.g., people of certain age and those who are not a custom rapid change in technology.

Digital assistants were designed to replace human diversity, but because their intelligence is so limited, they cannot have a cohesive conversation with the user. Human assistants don’t need to use screens to understand requests, communicate information, and complete tasks, which means the ideal digital assistant doesn’t need to.






Alexa Custom Assistant

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Today, Amazon has released a product that allows you to construct your own solutions based on their technology. This intriguing option, which will speed up and facilitate the process of making your own products more attractive is Alexa Custom Assistant.

Alexa herself probably doesn’t need an introduction, but for the record, it’s a cloud-based voice service that lets you use your voice to command her to perform some tasks for you. The possibilities of this technology are very wide, ranging from shopping, making your home smarter, providing you with information, to product control and much more. Of course, this is not the only such technology available on the market, but by introducing a unique option that I would like to present in this article, it has a great chance of becoming the strongest.

By Alexa’s  Custom Assistant, Amazon enables companies to create their own smart voice assistants by using their AI technology and then connect it to Alexa.  The solution is therefore also to enable the cooperation of two assistants, which significantly affects the attractiveness of not only the product of the person who generates his assistant based on Amazon technology, but also of  the very Alexa. Once connected, it would continue to perform its regular tasks and the new assistant would play a role of a so-called “product specific expert”. This expert would be responsible for operating with more concrete features, that are directly linked to specifics of  the product. So we can say, the tasks would be somewhat of delegated. How does it work? Amazon says that “if a customer asks Alexa to roll down a car window, or how to troubleshoot a device, the request will be routed to the brand’s assistant. If a customer asks the brand’s assistant to play an audio book, the request will be routed to Alexa,” The fact that both assistants will in a way coexists is important regarding the capabilities area. There will be no need for the Companies, who decide to take advantage of the option proposed on Amazon, to develop the basic skills of the assistant, instead they can immediately focus on improving some specific and unique, in view of their product, capabilities. So this cooperation will prove to be both more effective and cheaper. It is fair to say that this option is mutually beneficial to companies and what is more, it  fulfills the main goal of meeting customer needs.

An advantage that should be especially noted is the significant reduction of costs and time, which according to Amazon is possible due to “allowing companies to leverage Alexa’s world-class technology stack to create their own intelligent assistant without the investment, long development cycles, and resources to build it from scratch and maintain over time.”  Creating such assistants proves to be very costly due to the constant necessity of their improvement- we have to bear in mind that competitiveness on this  market is very high. Amazon by investing in Alexa Custom Assistant and making its improvement up to date in a constant manner, will let the companies simply benefit. Therefore, there will be  no need for them to monitor market changes and invest in improving the voice assistant themselves. Amazon will do it for them. So, companies will now have a chance to form a tailored to the brand, customer needs and “aesthetic” reasons (=creating your own unique voice) voice assistant, for not only a much lower price but also relatively much faster.

Amazon, within this option, provides access to all their voice technologies, experts, ongoing improvements in AI, privacy and security settings. Companies will be able to generate their own wake words, which according to Amazon ”are created using the same state-of-the-art process used for developing the Alexa wake word and deployed through the high-accuracy Alexa wake word engine”. Amazon assures that through the whole process, companies will be guided by science experts.

As we are still experiencing a technological revolution on a daily basis and the lifestyle is closely related to digitization, looking for a solution that will further facilitate this reality and make all digital experiences even more smooth is a large part of today’s business. Voice assistants are a great example of that, as the ways they make life easier are practically endless. To name one, they often save our time by automating repetitive tasks. But they also prove to be useful in enhancing e-commerce marketing, customer support, smart offices and many more. Therefore, it is important to note that  Alexa Custom Assistant can be build into any type of product and as such immediately increase its “charm”. The first customer however, is the global automaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). Which is quite interesting, in relation to the next paragraph.

This newly launched Alexa Custom Assistant has a potential of becoming a huge game changer in the voice assistant technology area and especially concerning the car software space. Regarding The Verge article, making Alexa an “in-bulit solution in environments that may not need a phone at all” is an interesting way to “bypass the need to directly compete with Apple and Google”. This approach to implement voice technology directly in conjunction with a specific product is a quite unusual move and will definitely trigger an interesting response from other tech giants. It definitely sets a challenge for Cortana, Google Assistant and Siri.





Dogs are a Man (& Woman)’s best friend

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Either you own a dog yourself, you walk through the city and see them or maybe you even just scroll through TikTok and Facebook and there are dog videos shown. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are sweet or even sad – the “Man’s best friend” is everywhere. Dogs will always stay loyal at the site of their owner (of course, if they treat them right). They are (often) even better friends than people. But why is exactly the dog considered as the best friend. King Frederick of Prussia first mentioned this phrase in 1789 while talking about his dog, an Italian Greyhound.

“The only, absolute and best friend that a man has in this selfish world, the only one that will not betray or deny him, is his DOG. “ – King Frederick of Prussia

The connection between people and dogs is very natural because both are social beings and they both benefit from each other. Mentally and physically. According to a new study, people living with dogs are living a longer life e.g., they may reduce the cardiovascular risk in their owner due to the higher physical activity and given emotional support. Dogs belong to the family and both, the dog and the owner are there for each other. On the good and the bad days. 

The global leaders in the population of dogs are the United States with about 70 million, while in comparison Poland has about 7 million and Germany about 5 million dogs. Of course, there is a much higher estimated number, especially in countries like Greece and Romania due to the very high number of homeless dogs. Dogs who are either looking for food right now, that may just have been injured or even dogs who are waiting right now for their adoption.

Due to this constantly rising number, this topic is currently very present. The slogan “Adopt, Don’t Shop” is all over Instagram and tries to give people a chance about rethinking their current mindset. Instead of buying or even ordering a (over-)bred dog, people should consider adopting dogs that are currently suffering and give them the chance of a good life. Due to the Corona pandemic and the associated lockdowns, a lot of people decided to get a dog – to stay fit, to have something to do, to not be alone or even to bypass the curfew. Hopefully, they will still stay dog owners after this whole situation. 

“What is my dog thinking?”, “What does he want from me?”, “Why is he doing that?” – Questions after questions considering our best friend. Often people can just guess what the dog is thinking. But Stella Jang, a dog lover from South Korea, wanted clarity.  She founded the company called Petpuls, which is about an AI-powered dog collar that helps dog owners in understanding their dog and giving their dog a ‘voice’. 

The Petpuls is supposed to recognize from the dog’s barking whether the dog is happyrelaxedanxiousangry or sad. According to their research, it has an accuracy rate of more than 80% while using an algorithm and a database from more than 10,000 examples of barking dogs from a big variety of breeds. 

The collar comes in 2 different sizes and 4 different colours of collars. Petpuls consists of a small advice attached to the collar, which is also eco-friendly and made from silicone. The collar from Petpuls is available for pre-order and costs around 80 euros.

The results are then available on the corresponding app, which is compatible with Android and iOS. This records the data and shows the emotional status and also the physical movement of their dog.

The idea of the CEO and founder, Stella Jang, got international attention and actually the company would have been a part of this years, CES – the trade exhibition in Nevada for all those interested in consumer electronics, which unfortunately had to be cancelled this year due to Corona. The company also won some awards like the CES Innovation Award 2021.

Sources :






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Robotics is something that fascinates people from all around the world since forever. Although the word “Robot” has been firstly used in 1920 by a Czech writer Karel Ĉapka the oldest project of human alike robot is dated back to the year 1495 and had been drawn by Leonardo da Vinci.

Another important person in the history of robotics is George Devol, who is commonly known as the Father of Robotics after designing a working mechanical arm in the year 1954. Since then the technology has progressed in an unimaginable way.

Up until the creation of the easily accessible internet, the whole topic of robotics was reserved only to the scientists, who worked on the new discoveries in laboratories closed to the public.

Now, however, the internet allows everyone to see for themselves how robotics has progressed. One of the places that allows that is youtube, where one can find many different channels based on robotics and see what the new machines are capable of.

One of the most popular ones is called Boston Dynamics. On their youtube feed we can find videos showing the capabilities of their robots. The most popular robot that they’ve produced is called Atlas and he has an unprecedented mobility for a machine. He can not only perform one legged jumps, but he’s also capable of doing somersaults as well as 360 degree jumps.


This might not sound impressive and there might be a reason behind it.

In today’s world there are many films in which robots play a huge role. Our eyes are used to seeing robots on the big screen doing crazy stuff and behaving like humans. Therefore we are not impressed, when we see a robot doing a backflip, when in the real world that is a huge achievement. Just imagine how many sensors must cooperate in order for the robot to keep the balance when landing and how many lines of code must be written, so everything is coordinated.

Lately Boston Dynamics has uploaded a video, which went viral. It showcases all of their most popular robots, while dancing. It is hardly imaginable how machines can move in such a way. When I watched it for the first time I was really impressed. It was almost like watching a science fiction movie, that is happening in real life in front of our lives.

I highly recommend you to watch it and I promise you will not regret it! (Check out other videos as well! )

Link to the video here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn3KWM1kuAw




Galaxy SmartTag, the Samsung tracking gadget that allows you to geolocate whatever you want.

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Samsung has just released the Galaxy SmartTags, tiny tracking devices that will allow you to geolocate any object you want. With just a click, you can see where your backpack, wallet, keys or even your pet is since it can be hung from a collar.

This device has a square shape with rounded edges and, in one of the corners, there is a small hole to place a string or a ring. This makes it particularly easy to hang, as it can be attached from either side with a simple knot.

There will be two models: one that will use ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, very efficient and precise; and bluetooth; and a second that will only have this second innovation.

The Galaxy SmartTag has a button that, when pressed, sends a signal to any cell phone with which it has been synchronized. In this way, the geolocation device also works in reverse, as it will automatically send a signal to the smartphone with which it is synchronized, which can be viewed through the SmartThings application, which manages Samsung’s ecosystem. In this way, it will show on the screen all the objects that have been marked with this gadget.

It uses bluetooth low energy (BLW), the IoT star standard that makes minimum use of the battery and has an acceptable range, as well as ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, which is nothing more than a short range wireless communication protocol that operates through radio waves at very high frequencies. A couple of its advantages over bluetooth are its precision and its data transfer speed, since it reaches 27 megabits per second. In addition, it will allow the cell phone to generate an augmented reality environment that will tell the user in which direction to go if he or she is especially close to the lost object.

Thus, there will be two models, and their price will depend on it: one with UWB and bluetooth technology; the other with this second innovation only. They can be purchased from today at a cost of 34.90 euros (but deliveries will not start until January 26th), a price much lower than what it would cost to lose a few keys or your backpack with personal documents.

In addition, from this device, the company has launched in the Galaxy Unpacked the new Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra, as well as the new Galaxy Buds Pro.




How do social networks affect a person?

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Although social networks are a fairly new phenomenon by the standards of history, they have already become the subject of research for scientists. Now we will discuss how social networks affect our mental and physical state.

As an example, I will tell you the following: in 2017, the Royal Society of Health in Britain conducted a study among 1,500 young people aged 11 to 25 years. Respondents had to track their mood using the five most popular social networks.

Seven out of ten said that Instagram makes them feel worse because of the “cult of the body” and half of people aged 14-24 years reported that Instagram and Facebook exacerbate their anxiety. Two-thirds said Facebook makes them vulnerable to bullying. As the researchers emphasize, the negative consequences are particularly noticeable in users who spend days in social networks.

The following example will tell you about the impact of social media on stress levels.

Scientists invited 138 active users of the social network from 18 to 40 years old to the laboratory and asked them to answer questions about activity in social networks, well-being and stress levels. The participants also took a saliva sample to measure the content of the hormone cortisol.

One group of respondents had to give up Facebook for five days, and the other to use it as usual. As a result, people who did not use the social network, after five days, significantly decreased the level of the stress hormone, and the feeling of comfort increased.

Also, in 2018, the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study that showed that a causal relationship between the use of social networks and the negative impact on our psychological state really exists.

As a result, I can surely say that social networks can badly affect our lives. They can affect our mood, self-esteem, stress level, sleep and anxiety. Moreover, social networks can be some of reasons for depression and feeling of loneliness. So, do people really need so much social networks in their lives?

Tinder. Sex app or your coronavirus best helper.

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Today, only the lazy person or “ digital vegan” doesn’t know about Tinder.

Tinder is a popular partially paid application for Android and Apple iOS mobile platforms, designed for romantic acquaintances in accordance with the specified ones and taking into account geolocation. Connection via social network, Facebook , Google account or phone number is possible. Managed by the North American corporation Match Group (English) Russian, a subsidiary of IAC.

The program is an adaptation of the earlier Grindr application, which served for dating among an audience with an orientation other than heterosexual .

The main actions in the application are swipes – “swipes” (swiping a finger in a horizontal direction): the user is shown photographs and short biographies of candidates (name and age), and the user can swipe to the right if he considers the match to be successful (a number of users never swipes left ). If two users have marked each other as a good match, they can start a chat and make an appointment .

In times of coronavirus, It is very hard to make new connections. Especially, I recently felt it since I am doing a double degree programme in France. Ways of meeting new people without attending university or parties are extremely limited. For me , being not very attracted to Tinder culture, was kind of hard to start using tinder in its alternative way- app for friendship. And guess what, people are very open-minded and eager to help. I have already created a list of interesting places to visit thanks to this app and its users.

Moreover, Tinder  might be extremely useful if the person is willing to boost up these  kind of things:

  1. Just a communication skill
  2. Stronger communication skills with people with different mindsets, which might be very diverse. Sometimes, there would be some users with negative vibes and attitudes.  It is useful to recognize and cut them off in everyday real life, and not to start painful relationships or affairs with them.
  3. Formation of clearer images of what is “mine / not mine”. After some time of research on Tinder, people tend to actually understand at least something close to their type. With this said, let’s emphasize that every one of us has a different understanding of “the type”. 
  4. And the last is the motivation for live acquaintances in your real environment. ” This desire really comes after a few months on Tinder or any other similar app. Where else to carry all these honed skills? Certainly not back into the maelstrom of reality.