Popcorn Time (already) dead!

You probably know Popcorn time, if not, it is or should I say it used to be the illegal alternative to Netflix. Free to use, this platform was offering the possibility to watch a large amount of movies, but also series in HD quality. The interface was really well made, subtitles were available directly on the screen, the user was able also to choose different quality, and generally the concept was brilliant even if it was illegal.

After that the web version was closed, it’s the company itself that is closing because of an additional conflict between de developers.


However, that would be disappointing if the whole project disappear completely. It is already confirm that new project will succeed, it names: Butter. This new offer will be legal in order to not repeat the same mistakes as in the passed.


The question is what was the reason of the troubles? Earlier last week, few Popcorn Time developers simply left the project. The reason is the idea of paid anonymizing VPN implementation; some of them thought that this new option would lead to legal trouble. Two version were available, the .io version considered as the safest one and Time4popcorn that was frequently accused to be a source of virus for the users.

It’s because of this second version that one of the main quality of Popcorn time have been destroyed, the safety issue.


So what is Butter?


It’s like Popcorn Time but without the elements that made people wary. This new application is created so that everybody can somehow contribute to desktop and mobile applications design. Butter allows to stream movies and shows directly from Bittorent. This new version will replace the “Old” Popcorn Time, however the content available will be lower due to filter of illegal content.

More: here and here

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3 thoughts on “Popcorn Time (already) dead!

  1. bergman.wendy bergman.wendy says:

    I think another big issue that concerned users was weather or not it is legal in their country. Every country has its own laws and regulations regarding “sharing” and “streaming”. Do you know how they plan to filter out the illegal content?

    • Avatar maximilien.tranvan says:

      Honestly I am wondering if they will be able to be fully legal. It is the very tricky part of this business. How they’re going to filter the content? I am also questionning myself

  2. Avatar michal.paszkowiak says:

    hehe I use it for while , it offers very good quality of movies for sure something amazing compare to other streams but if someone want to be fresh with his favourite series popcorn is always late like one week with release episodes.

    OF COURSE it is illegal to share videos the biggest player on this “Black market” broadcasts signal from boat in regions were sea belong to everyone

    And in my opinion they are not competitors to neflix.

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