IOS as a weakest point of APPLE

Hello everyone. Couple weeks ago when I started to create content for this blog, I decided to write about the topics, that I really care about or which affect my daily life so irresistibly, that I have to share it with readers. I have been reaching the boiling point for a while and now I am ready to “spill over” my concerns 🙂

I am truly Apple guy: I have a Macbook, iPad, iPhone and iPhone, and I used to believe nothing could possibly change my positive attitude toward those devices. I was hooked on by its quickness, responsiveness, user interface and much more. But recently I got a feeling I would not have tolerated couple years ago – I got pissed off with IOS.

As far as I remember myself as an Apple fan, it used to be as follows: Android is an open system, that gives a user limitless options for customisations, but the user has to endure slow system and lots of bags in return. Whereas an IOS, as a counterpart, is a closed system, that restricts plenty of functions Android offers, but it gives a great opportunity to have a smooth, fast and intuitively comprehensive experience with its devices. People liked it or hated it, but Apple had its own philosophy in IOS development.


It lasted all the way till IOS6. Or for being precise till Scott Forstall, vice-president, responsible for IOS development, got fired. IOS5 appeared the system created under his supervision and then it started gradually plummet. To Apple’s credit, I must say IOS6 did not bring any killing feature, but at least it did not kill the user experience. Lets be honest – it’s hard to break what works perfect.

The consecutive system IOS7  was going to be a huge challenge since company decided to create it from the scratch. Flat design, new options, features and so called breakthroughes were summoned to accept the challenge sent by Samsung. At that time (2013) Apple funs could not mock Samsung as the did before: “IOS is not perfect anymore, but look at Samsung – it’s even more hilarious ” – now it’s note than extraneous. As a response to critics Apple released the worst (in terms of responsiveness, lags, battery life) system they had ever created. And they will “surpass” this system with IOS8 and 9.

ios6_ios7_home_screensMy personal experience suffered ever since. If someone thinks that the fact that I have Iphone4S is enough to exonerate Apple – I am totally in disagree.

Everything lags:

  1. Spotlight
  2. Multitasking
  3. Overal performance is rolling to the void
  4. Camera switches off on permanent basis

It was on IOS8. Please, do not install 9 on your 4S – it will inevitably kill it. I know, believe me 🙂

As an endorsement of my words: I saw a video with a guy benchmarking iPhone 6s+ on IOS9 and iPhone 4s on IOS5 and the latter doing pretty ok. It is like a hard stroke in apple fans’ faces…

Another annoying matter is localisation services. I really do not know what curbs Tim Cook and a team to develop this way?!?! Why Google and ALL its services are localised: Google Now, Google Maps, Assistants etc?? Why the next Apple’s “killing feature” will be non usable outside US? I believe it add another drop in the jar of Apple adherents and one day it will spill over and people will but Samsung and they will realise that everything that must work actually works. If Mr. Cook reads us – take care of this business. IOS is a golden cow for Your company!

As a concussion, I reckon it’s a huge topic to discuss, but I believe U have expressed the main points of my concern. Nowadays I really consider options how can I drop photos on my Mac from Android smartphone and it upsets me. But on the flop side, it’s a beginning of something new.


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5 thoughts on “IOS as a weakest point of APPLE

  1. filipgrudzewski filipgrudzewski says:

    The thing is that your phone got slower because they want you to buy new iPhone! I was in the same position as you. I have 4S and was running on iOS5 from last 3-4 years. I changed it because I was in China during vacation and this time they blocked EVERYTHING so I was forced to install VPS and for this I needed to upgrade system. It’s slower but I don’t care actually – I appreciate this phone more for design and because it’s small rather that its system. If they’ll make a new iPhone in size of 4S then I’ll be first in line to buy it. Especially if it would have the same screen glass that is not breaking – belive me – mor than 4 years, some scratches but no breaking at all.

  2. bergman.wendy bergman.wendy says:

    It is a great description of “planned obsolescence”. Companies are purposely designing products with a limited life use. We have the technology to produce products that would last for years and companies simply don’t do that because it would cost them oceans of profits. I have experienced it very visibly in the Iphones, my Iphone 4 from one day to another completely crashed and functioned so slow that I wanted to throw it out the window. Im sad to say everyone does it weather it is IOS or Android it doesn’t matter, it is reality. Be prepared for disappointment sooner or later when you switch brands.

  3. Avatar arkovtun says:

    Wendy, You are right, but my problems started a log before IOS 9 or even 8. At that time 4S was quite fresh device…So just give me 3-4 years of NORMAL exploitation, do not pu my phone into the coffin after 2 days 🙁

    • Avatar swieboda1990 says:

      Exactly as Wendy wrote “planned obsolescence”. Every piece of electronic equipment is made the way to encourage You to replace it eventually with new model preferably from the same company. THats why those new added features are added- to make the experience better but only on newer devices. The case is identical with not replaceable iPhone batteries. They are supposed to discharge faster and faster encouraging to replace the whole phone.
      The problem is not present only in electronics. Now my fridge suddenly died and it seems like every other fridge from this producer dies because of the same failure which happens to be unrepairable. It does not matter how expensive one you will choose every will die soon or even sooner:). The only ones which last are those made 20 years ago- they were not built in order to die after guarantee period. Similarly, with phones- You can always choose old Nokia 3310 it is going to work as smooth as it did when it was new :).

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