Technology taking control

Tesla is a company that has gone a step forward in comparison to their competition. With the latest update Tesla introduced an early preview of autonomous car. Now, it is possible to try the Beta version of autopilot software. The system is not fully developed yet, it is acting as a self-steering extension of a radar cruise control system. The system has been tested on motorways and it seems to work quite good but the driver has to watch the road all the time. There is still a lot of work to be done for all types of roads to be safely auto-piloted. tesla-model

The question is where are we going? Isn’t the technology taking over the control in our lives? We can notice more and more electronic devices in our lives. Tesla’s idea is indisputable innovative and creative. However, it is also very dangerous for the society. Technology is helpful in everyday life, but it limits our skills and abilities. It is widely known that unused skills just disappear. Do we really want to let the technology go so deep in our lives?

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2 thoughts on “Technology taking control

  1. Catherine Świątek Catherine Świątek says:

    But what kind of skill would disappear? The skill of driving a car? If it drives itself the loss is not that big. I think a lot people like this idea, especially the ones, who are afraid of driving a car.

  2. Avatar arkovtun says:

    Well the dark colours are not that saturated though :)) If we want to discuss really frightening potential penetration of technology in our life – let’s turn to robots and AI topics 🙂 A car without a driver is not that bad 🙂

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