Gamescore – a new indicator of our creditworthiness?

Not in Poland; but in China – yes. China figured out a new system of determining people’s creditworthiness, which is a condition to get any kind of loan. They took gamefication to a whole new level. What is more, this is a new idea how to get more data about the people and how to control their private lives.

The system was shown this year and in 5 years it will be compulsory in all China. People will be getting credit points in scale 350-950. There will also be a tracking application, which will be coupled with the ID of every citizen. How you can gain or loose points? With almost every click you make. You gain points if you have online friends, who are politically correct (of course not on facebook etc, but on Chinese substitutes of Western social media), if you have a hobby which is considered to be a “positive hobby” (there are two categories of hobbies – positive and negative ones), if you buy appropriate products – e.g. healthy food, etc.


In order to make all this work, government prepared the “carrot” – bonuses for taking good care of the gamescore. The more points you get the bigger loan you can take, e.g. for 650 points you can borrow a car without paying the deposit, for 700 points you can get the allowance for a trip to Singapore and for 750 points guarantees obtaining a Schengen visa. Moreover, companies are going to adjust their services to this system and e.g. if you have the appropiate amount of points, you will have a higher passanger status at airlines and get additional conveniences for free.

All of that sounds terryfing, however, we give a lot of pieces of information about ourselves as well. There is just no pointing system, but the data is there. Do you think it will be ever possible to do something similar in Europe? For a smaller scale?


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Catherine Świątek

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3 thoughts on “Gamescore – a new indicator of our creditworthiness?

  1. bergman.wendy bergman.wendy says:

    To me this sounds so creepy. Yes we give out information but someone keeping score of it just doesn’t seem right. I would not want such a mandatory system. No no no!

    • Catherine Świątek Catherine Świątek says:

      I agree, sometimes it is really terrifying what people can make from something, which was invented for something totally opposite. The Internet was supposed to give freedom, improvement and faster development, here we have an idea for a very modern step back.

  2. boris.marushchak boris.marushchak says:

    Ohhhh. From one side that really so cool due to kind of “fresh” scoring system. But from another it’s even stupid. In conclusion if you’re not that social person – you will not get an loan. I’m not believe that something like that would work in Europe.

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