PornHub traffic fell by 10% on the day of the release of Fallout 4

Out of Fallout 4 not only enhance the the number of workers take sick days on the planet, but also significantly affect other vital functions. For example, a sharp decline in traffic experienced the one of the world’s most popular resources on
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The profile resource GamesBeat leads Post Corey Price (Corey Price), Vice-President of PornHub. According to him, the day of the release of Fallout 4, there was a decline in the share of traffic by 10% among gamers. November 10 traffic began to decline at around 5 am, when most people are finished to download and install the game. The deviation from the normal pattern was observed until about 3 pm, and then from 6pm decline began again. According to Cory Price, they were not too surprised by what happened to PornHub traffic during peak gaming hours.

The company Bethesda Softworks has released 10 November hotly anticipated sequel to the post-apocalyptic series Fallout. Game Fallout 4 is available for purchase on the platforms Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

More info: GamesBeat

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4 thoughts on “PornHub traffic fell by 10% on the day of the release of Fallout 4

  1. bergman.wendy bergman.wendy says:

    Hahahaha that is just great, it doesn’t surprise me at all! My husband has been waiting for this game like crazy all of his friends play it long hours. Maybe I should reconsider purchasing this game for him 😛

  2. ankithaa68 says:

    It would be interesting to know if the same thing happened around their previous releases and other game releases as well.

    I’m assuming the given data is confined to only US? It would be nice to know if people all around the world choose gaming over you know what 🙂

    • boris.marushchak boris.marushchak says:

      Before this release, the game was not that popular like now. It’s kind of trendy. So, I don’t think that there were something similar on previous releases.

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