snSnapchat – application which is loved by 13–34 year olds. Over 100 million super engaged users, that share almost 9 thousand “snaps” every SECOND and view videos over 6 billion times DAILY!

If you are over 34 years old, you probably don’t understand how Snapchat works. I’ll briefly explain it:

  1. Snapchatters can send photos or videos, to their friends, that can be viewed only once
  2. They can also add photo or video to “My Story” tab, so their friends can watch it for next 24 hours
  3. They can chat with friends, but messages are not stored, so they can also view them only once.

These are main features of Snapchat. Why am I actually describing it? I want you to understand that marketing has just now reached a whole new level!

Recently, fashion luxury brand – Burberry – decided to present their new Spring/Summer 2016 collection for the first time, one day before runway show, exclusively via Snapchat! Photos were made live with smartphone by well-known photographer Mario Testino and immediately uploaded to Burberry’s My Story.



Earlier other luxury fashion brands, like Luis Vuitton, showed snaps from their runways…


… but Burberry definitely went a step further. They also presented backstage from their runway show with new collection.



I really appreciate that they tried this new, different channel of communication with their customers, I liked their unusual idea for presenting new collection and admire for their courage for implementing this idea!

What do you think guys? Is Snapchat a good channel for luxury brand? Would you give it a try for your business?






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  1. Avatar ankithaa68 says:

    I think they are trying to target younger generation who are not eligible to have accounts on facebook (perhaps facebook and other typical social media channels aren’t very popular among them?). Like early teens. From the pictures, you can clearly seen younger models are chosen and clothing line is different, Salena Gomez who is probably an idol for young teens is endorsing the brand. I’d say clever and efficient strategy.

  2. Avatar arkovtun says:

    Snapchat is super popular in US and for that market it’s may be relevant. And, as was said in an article, the auditory is restricted: up to 34-35. However promotion via Snapchat is something new that has to be exploited!

  3. bergman.wendy bergman.wendy says:

    I think it is very clever to rais awareness of their future potential clients. Most 14 year olds cant afford Burberry but once the day comes that they do it is good to have your brand name engraved in their minds.

  4. filipgrudzewski filipgrudzewski says:

    It’s brilliant how nowadays brands like Burberry or Gucci are creating their future customers and in general brand awareness. It is obvious that in 10-20 years today’s teenagers would have a very strong purchasing power and creating snapchat account is so cheap. It’s tottaly win-situation for such brands.

    • p.bedynska p.bedynska says:

      Exactly. Compared to Facebook or Instagram ads it is super-cheap. For example lately Burberry showed backstage from their photo session in the city. They presented new collection on models that were posing for pictures, but also models that were goofing around while they were waiting for their turn. It was nice to see products on people, in ‘normal’ scenery and they were not straightly showing and selling products. And the cost? Probably none. Just give Snapchat login (or company’s phone with their Snapchat) to some assistant and let them post snaps.

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