Apple Music and Spotify has a competitor – YouTube Music

The popular video hosting has decided to withdraw one of its functions in a single application. YouTube Music is designed for streaming clips, holds licenses for more than 30 million songs (like the Apple Music or Spotify) and is able to search for music by artist, album or title. Currently the application is only available in the United States.

YouTube Music is available for free, but there is also a paid subscription, which gives advantages. October 28 in the United States there was a pay version of YouTube with the prefix in the name Red. It costs $ 9.99, and for users of iOS – $ 12,99. The presence of a paid subscription YouTube Red allows you to store music in a new offline YouTube Music, disables ads and provides an opportunity to listen to the tracks in minimized mode.

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6 thoughts on “Apple Music and Spotify has a competitor – YouTube Music

  1. arkovtun says:

    Great idea I believe, but it’s different story then Spotify. People use spotify as a background (on walking somewhere, doing something), whereas Youtube requires attention – a person deliberately watches it.

  2. bergman.wendy bergman.wendy says:

    I am very skeptical about this whole YT paid option. Seriously who want to pay 10 bucks to block ads if you can simply install adblock? Additionally how about the products YouTubers decide to promote in their videos? That is advertising too and you can’t take that out through a subscription fee. Youtubers earn so much money on deals that if YouTube would tell them to take in video advertising out no you tuber would go for it. I would definitely not pay simply for the option to store music offline on my phone. I have spotify for that already. I don’t see any value added in it.

  3. nataliafigas nataliafigas says:

    I don’t see it also. If you want to store music on mobile you probably don’t need a video. YouTube is late (about 5 years).

  4. boris.marushchak boris.marushchak says:

    YouTube is a huge player on the market. So, I guess it’s was a bad choice for them NOT to enter to music area. If we take into account the great database.

  5. m_zakrzewski says:

    In my opinion, the Comapany is late with this idea. However, as I have already stressed below the post concerning the complete project – YouTube Red, it is an interesting undertaking. In my opinion, it is necessary to analazye all the components of YouTube Red as a whole. I would like to stress that I use to travel a lot, and in the vast majority of cases (during the train trips) I have no (Internet) reception on my mobile phone. I would like to emphasize that the possibilty to possess all the favorite videos (in an officialy approved way) on my cell phone would definitely relieve my journeys. Furthermore, I have to admit that I like to watch, and maybe what is more important here – to listen to the music clips. It is because within the music clips it is very often possible to encounter additional phrases, sentences that differientiate advantageously the clips from songs. What is more, some of the clips that can be found on YouTube are not accessible using other music-streaming platforms (Apple Music). Moreover, since I am focusing on the mobile application, I would have to oportunity to use the YouTube application in the background. Finally, with the Red’s subscription I would also get access to Google Play Music service.
    All things considered, if this service were available in Poland, I would pay for it.

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