Apple acquired motion capture technology used in Star Wars

Apple acquired a startup Faceshift, who developed a widely used motion capture technology. Rumors about buying the company from Cupertino Faceshift were before, but now Apple has officially confirmed the purchase, according to TechCrunch.

The publication writes that Apple has not confirmed the deal direct text, but the company voiced its standard response to the case of the purchase: “From time to time Apple buys smaller technology companies. And we generally do not discuss our goals and plans”.

Company Faceshift, founded in 2012, is located in Zurich. It motion capture technology is actively used in scientific research, computer games and film industry in particular, for the filming of the latest Star Wars.


Faceshift is the author of the method of animation characters and objects without the use of markers. This technology requires no special costume or sensors, that is the actor was for the camera in any clothes. Markerless motion capture is especially convenient when shooting the fights, falls, jumps and other complex movements, during which markers may be damaged.

Faceshift has consumer software solutions, including Faceshift Freelance and Faceshift Studio. Sales last stop after the company was bought by Apple. With this program you can create characters and export them to the software for 3D-animation.

It is unknown what the purpose of the acquisition of Apple. In addition, company from Cupertino have patents on the technology of motion capture, face recognition and augmented reality, which Apple acquired earlier along with three other European companies working in this field – PrimeSense, Polar Rose and Metaio. The media speculated that the company uses the acquired technologies in the new generation Apple TV.

More info on a company : Here

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4 thoughts on “Apple acquired motion capture technology used in Star Wars

  1. Avatar arkovtun says:

    Hm, maybe they have a partnership with Blizzard regarding Warcraft, then it’s understandable to step in this territory – the movie is coming in half a year 🙂

    • Avatar arkovtun says:

      I confused. I mean partnership regarding Star Wars movie (not with Blizzard though). But then it’s a bit late, the movie is ready to be released

  2. boris.marushchak boris.marushchak says:

    I guess, they gonna present this technology in iPhone or iPad, rather both. Pushing forward in the projection.

  3. Avatar swieboda1990 says:

    They could try to create more commercially available software based on it and sell as an add-on to their filmmaking software. this will strengthen mac position in this industry and possibly improve sales of new computers adapted to the needs of the new software.

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