The best apps – according to ME ;)

Today I want to present FIVE best apps – according to me. 😉 You can of course disagree with this choice, and I will be happy to hear your opinion.

soundhoundSoundHound – who has not had this situation when you really liked the song, but didn’t know the name. SoundHound comes to the rescue. You just click the big orange button, app is listening for a few seconds and then gives you the name of the artist and the song, and much more: lyrics, artist bio, preview songs and albums, purchase songs etc. and of course there is a list of your searches saved. App is really easy to navigate, intuitive and has great features. Most of you probably know this app or Shazam. Both are great. 🙂 [1]

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uberUber – probably I don’t need to introduce this application, but I looove it. Great alternative for taxis, which I hate in Warsaw – they always try to cheat and make you pay more. In Uber app you upload your credit card number (or PayPal) and your account is charged after a ride, which I believe it’s more convenient than paying with cash (case with most of the taxis in Warsaw). With Uber you can pick your route and your driver, who have visible recommendations. You, as a passenger, are also rated – so be nice or no driver will pick you up 😉 It’s cheaper, quicker and more reliable than Warsaw taxis, that’s why I love it.[2]

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1pas1password –  is a password-management app, that allows you to easily collect all your passwords, credit card information, licenses, secure notes and more in one place. It claims to be really secure due to encryption, strong password, auto-lock and touch ID access. And the app design is really nice and user-friendly. Love it. [3]

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laundryLaundry Day – it’s a funny one for laundry-dummies like me. You scan tags from clothes and app tells you have you should make your laundry. Simple as that. Picture of laundry tags above my washing machine – no longer needed (picture below). [4]

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mintMint – last but not least, Mint is a money-management app which helps with everyday budgeting. According to Mint we can ‘spend smarter and save more’. Apps provides us with beautiful charts and graphs on our spending’s, we can set the goals for spending/savings and we can set bills payment reminders! Everything is cool… only one ‘little’ minus – it is not working in countries other than USA and Canada. I would really like to use it – alternatives are there, but not as developed and well-designed. [5]

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9 thoughts on “The best apps – according to ME ;)

  1. filipgrudzewski filipgrudzewski says:

    SoundHound is great! I found it more reliable than Shazam and use it very often. When I was a child I dreamed about thing like that!
    Uber – I don’t use taxis a lot and when I do I call always the same cheap one. But I know that they have cool promotions so maybe it’s time to modernize a bit.
    1password – simply speaking I don’t think that collecting all passwords in device so easily loosen is smart and safe.
    Laundry Day – WAHT? Making laundry is my favourite home activity and I didn’t know about it? Already downloaded!
    Mint – seems to be really promissing and interesting app. I see why it’s your favourite.

    • p.bedynska p.bedynska says:

      When it comes to Uber and Warsaw’s taxis – Uber is still cheaper than the cheapest taxi (from my experience), and also you have ratings of drivers which is a great advantage for me as I don’t want to ride with crazy drivers 😉
      1password is to be unlocked with your fingerprints and password, so I don’t think it is easily accessable, nevertheless I can see your point.
      I’m glad you like Laundry Day 😀 It’s pretty new, probably that’s why you didn’t knew about it 😉

  2. Avatar Hanna Hotsyk says:

    I only knew about Uber. Thanks for the list, it is really useful!

  3. Avatar ankithaa68 says:

    Great list of apps 🙂 The money app seems especially useful. Some of my favorites are, pocket tanks – a strategy game and Jango radio. It’s an internet radio that plays music according to the artist you’ve selected.

  4. Avatar maximilien.tranvan says:

    I will give a comment regarding Soundhound. I don’t fully agree with you, the app is good and work well but is not more reliable than Shazam. As I’m working in the music field, I often use Shazam to get some titles and I used to have soundhound also in the past. Shazam has definitely increase it efficiency and I often get very good results. Dj’s often try to have the secret title that no one will be able to have even using application such as Soundhound and Shazam. When I use to have soundhound I couldn’t find all the titles and I definitely feel that Shazam has a better music title search engine. But it’s only my opinion and I’m not always right;)

    • p.bedynska p.bedynska says:

      I don’t know if you noticed that SoundHound is available in two – free and paid options. Paid app has more titles and is more reliable than free one. But of course you my be right that Shazam is more reliable with for example DJ remixes etc.

  5. Avatar michal.paszkowiak says:

    I love this interface:) I have to try:0

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