Light Fidelity (LIFI) a substitute to WI-FI?

LIFI, Lifire or VLC or how to connect to Internet via LED lights but limited to broadcast.

A gadget or a future technology? Researchers estimate commercialization till 2018.

After the presentation of the 1st smartphone Lifi in Las Vegas in 2014, this technology continues its development. Few experts announce the implementation of 14 billion LIFI LED by 2020. The potential turnover is estimated to 6 billions USD dollars by 2018 (Source: Markets and Markets).


Does this mono directional technology will replace WIFI and the rest?

Safely communicate via Internet in a Café or in a train without loosing any speed because the neighbour is downloading a movie is priceless. Spread an Internet connection in a conference or in a building without any hackers risk, this is what LIFI promoters want to communicate.


How does it work?

Lifi Scheme

– The computer or server that transmit the datas is plug into electricity network via a power line carrier.

– The datas are transmitted at high speed to LED lights through the electricity cable.

– The LED lights are equipped with a digital processing device. The data are transmitted through the lights.



  • Is Lifi economic? As it use lights to spread Internet connections. The lights have to be turned on; this can be problematic in public places.
  • Lifi is mono directional, it means that the devices cannot send any signal but only receive. All kind of applications that require sending signals are limited for example send emails or instant messaging.
  • The users have to be under the lights to receive Internet connections.
  • Lifi inventors will have to convince device producers to equip smartphones tablets or any device that has Internet connection with Lifi receptors.



  • Lifi transmission is much faster than radio signal (x10000)
  • Lifi offer an extraordinary security, the flow is available only under the lights.


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2 thoughts on “Light Fidelity (LIFI) a substitute to WI-FI?

  1. arkovtun says:

    Interesting, but it can not be considered as a wi-fi substitute – how does one suppose to spread connection in open space? For cafes, bars, offices – that’s super good though!

  2. swieboda1990 says:

    one directional, only in one place?? why not to use optical fiber to connect to the internet(no possibility of copying signal without notice- very secure) and have an even faster connection which is two directional. it was either poorly presented or this technology is pure non-sense.

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