The Future of Landing Page


Landing page is considered to be a web page where visitors get after they click the link on a search engine results page. So, basically it is the first thing a visitor can see.

By definition:
– Every single page can be a landing page
– Depend how the the visitor get there
Ex: Contact + company name

It can be:
– Filling a form
– Download e-book
– Taking a survey

Landing page has the following classifications and varies on the needs of the company/ individual who created it for some advertising/ informational purpose : 1) Clickthrough, 2) Lead capture, 3) Info, 4) Viral landing pages, 5) Microsites, 6) Product detail pages, 7) Homepages.

Every year Landing page design and look&feel structure are changing and there some trends for 2016 I want to show you. We will be able to see more and more  landing page templates of all different styles from clean and crisp, to wacky and colourful. Let’s take a look at some upcoming trends which already started to appear on a smaller scale :

Create a 3D effect with parallax scrolling
Examples to get inspired :


Use hidden menus instead of navigation bars ( kind of Hamburger Menu)
Example to get inspired :


Use full-screen background videos to tell your story.
Videos have the potential to increase landing page conversions by up to 86%, according to an Eye View Digital case study.
Example to get inspired :


Unusual navigation
Example to get inspired :


My Inspirations:


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2 thoughts on “The Future of Landing Page

  1. Avatar d.y.tkachenko says:

    Thanks, was nice to know 😉

  2. p.bedynska p.bedynska says:

    I truly hate websites with hidden menu like ‘brianhoffdesign’ – I think information in such web design is not well-visible and generally pages are not user-friendly and easily navigable. Of course there are some good examples of such websites, but in my opinion these are exceptions. I like unusual designs as giampierobodino or 3D effects and I hope trends will go this way 🙂

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