Internet Time Machine

If you know what it is – to ask relatives to release the phone to connect to the Internet, then you caught the wonderful time. When the image loads in 15 minutes, and the miracle of the downloaded files on the disc carefully kept and passed from generation to generation. Internet 90. Today, few remember what he looked like. We offer to refresh your memory with a nostalgic service


On can surf the Internet using older browsers NSCA Mosaic, Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. To start the “Time Machine”, you must select the Online browser, select a year and enter the link you are interested in. Page loaded on the virtual desktop – with the old operating system and browser antediluvian.

If you do not remember what they were 90 sites, answer: colorful and bright, with chaotic fonts and a wide palette of colors. It looked all like this:


On the site you can see modern sites, although many of them are too long to be loaded. Author of the project – the programmer Ilya Kremer from San Francisco. The project is available on GitHub, where Ilya publishes its development.

This is not the first project in the nostalgic world of Web 2.0. Using the service, you can see the Wayback Machine looked like any site throughout its evolution. And 404PageFound you to find the ancient sites are still online. There is a page dated 1993.

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3 thoughts on “Internet Time Machine

  1. arkovtun says:

    Nostalgia 🙂 I remember me occupying telephone line and setting up the modem back in 2000s 🙂 Thanks, Borys, for emotions 🙂

  2. ankithaa68 says:

    Oh this is exciting! But how do you browse websites that existed in the 90s? Obviously they don’t exist today and we won’t be aware of it. Or does it give an old feel to the websites of today?

  3. p.bedynska p.bedynska says:

    I love this website 😉 thanks for sharing! great place for wasting time, especially now, when we need to write our thesis ;)))

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