Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 16.01.17After a while of browsing through the internet, I want to watch Adele’s new music video on YouTube. As soon as I click on it and before watching it I get
an annoying 30 second commercial featuring Pitbull saying “Mr. Worldwide” selling me his latest crappy vodka. I get it. You areannoying me even beyond your music in order to click this advertisement for alcohol. Im Polish. We have all the vodka in the world. Get that sewage water you call vodka out of my face. Also the commercial streams quicker and in higher quality than the actual Adele video….God how annoying. I wish there was something that can block annoying advertisements. Oh wait there is. Ad-Block. No more commercials.
This is websites and companies worst dreams. A potential consumer annoyed beyond belief from a product you would hoping they would purchase. In fact you have annoyed the customer so much, that they have gone out of their way to get an application that blocks ads. This becomes a nightmare now. Because the company that paid money to create the advertisement and sell it to websites in order to create potential traffic, will lose money because the add will never be seen. This forces companies in a tough situation. Because majority of websites generate profits through product advertisements. But if the customer has Ad-Block then they will never see the advertised product and it will not generate clicks for the company. This in turn will generate a loss.
However, Ads have gotten to a ridiculous degree that Facebook gathers your web searches and advertises them on your Facebook News Feed properly to show things you could be interested in. But some people find that annoying. I know I do. If I just spent an hour looking at dresses and want to get on Facebook to look at something else, then I dont want to see anymore damn Sundresses! So what will I do? Ad-Block the living crap out of those ads.
But now the technological game keeps changing, and the people from Ad-Block are looking to make money. So how do they do it? By getting paid from companies to ask them to allow their advertisements to go untouched through the Ad-Block. As well companies are doing necessary things to prevent you from getting their content “Ad Free”. Some websites just straight up dont let you see the content or use their services if Ad-Block is not turned off for their websites. This makes sense for websites since some of they are alive because of advertisement. But as well it carries the risk that the customers might turn away from the website for the sake of not seeing ads and consume a similar product that allows Ad-Block.
The up and coming years will be interesting if companies/websites cannot generate the money that they need to survive. Many business could die as a result this Ad-Block and other similar technology. Loss of jobs for many, and because we just want our web browsing experience to be convenient. I mean does it really pain us to see a quick 30 second commercial while you wait?…Oh gawd damnit! P. Diddy I dont want to hear you advertise your crappy CIROC vodka! First Pitbull now this?! BLOCKED!
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6 thoughts on “Blocked!

  1. Hanna Hotsyk says:

    I don’t think those websites that make ads obligatory will fail.
    If users really want to get the content, a video for example – they do not care about the ads.
    And people are generally too lazy to choose ad free websites, they go to the first one they find.

  2. ankithaa68 says:

    As the consumers get more smart, the marketing team has to get smarter. It’s time they change their strategies and stop harassing social media users by shoving their unwanted ads down their throats. Though it’s a part of the ‘new innovative’ social media marketing, everyone’s getting fed up. They should look up the word subtle and think different.

  3. pidek9 pidek9 says:

    I wish that internet could be used for something more ambitious than selling and advertising… People should benefit from the posibility of finding valuable information, contacts and get inspired instead of being tempted to buy all the time. In my opinion because of consumerism people perceive others through the prism of what they have and not who they are. As a user of internet I wish there were no ads. Of course I understand that marketers have totally opposite view

  4. just as the music industry had to reinvent itself, the same will happen here. Technology will always have one leg up and people find ways to avoid the annoying ads. Its simply not sustainable. However the industry will try to hold on t traditional ways as long as possible, a natural consequence of structural change. People and also businesses dont like change. This is however, also an opportunity for others

  5. e.karastoyanov says:

    The business models of the AdBlock apps will soon be dramatically changed as they will charge not to show the ads and not to take money from advertisers.

  6. swieboda1990 says:

    Adblock service will potentially get rid of annoying ads and bring a new type of advertisement’s which cannot be separated from contents and are (or at least should be) more effective. What I’m talking about are advertisements within an article or within a video. like sponsored material. If it is going to be made well it will be more effective than normal add and less annoying to the user.

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