Bye Bye Hackers

Cybercrime is becoming more and more popular and dangerous. That issue definitely requires more attention and new ways of handling it. Currently, hackers feel pretty free and elusive. According to “Rzeczpospolita”, our government has noticed this problem. Minister of digitization, Anna Streżyńska, decided to appoint a new vice minister – vice minister for cyber security.


In my opinion, this is the highest time to take a closer look on this problem, from business perspective as well as the personal one. A lot of business loose money because of hackers and a lot of people do not feel safe in the Internet because of them. Therefore, I am glad that there will be someone responsible for fighting with cybercrime. The beginnings are always hard and probably it will take a lot of time until this fight will be effective, nevertheless, maybe the awareness that there is someone watching will make hackers a little bit less active.

What is your opinion? Do you think this a good idea, or just a waste of money?


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Catherine Świątek

Catherine Świątek

Catherine Świątek

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4 thoughts on “Bye Bye Hackers

  1. bergman.wendy bergman.wendy says:

    It’s good that the problem of cybercrime is being addressed however I am not sure how effective it will be. Companies spend millions to protect themselves and still get hacked simply because the more difficult it is the more fun it is for the hacker to try and break the system. Im sceptical about a new Vice Minister for Cyber Crime bringing in any solutions but I am also interested to see how it all pans out.

  2. Hanna Hotsyk says:

    The problem is obviously quite important and needs to be solved.
    But it is so hard, feels almost impossible. Having a special person in the government to fight with the issue will probably not help. In my opinion, hackers will not care about it at all.

  3. ankithaa68 says:

    Won’t be the first time the government hires a team to keep a close watch on the internet traffic 😛

  4. swieboda1990 says:

    I don’t think there is any need to create special vice minister of “cyber security”. This is just another crime like burglary or stealing cars. Moreover, this vice minister is going to be a politician and I bet will have no idea about security in it which makes him useless. To be honest it looks more like a new entrance to control the internet and to now exactly who writes what and to whom.

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