Whatsapp Introduces Videocalls

Although Christmas holidays are coming to its end, Whatsapp still has a gift for us. However, Apple or Microsoft might not be as happy about it as we are.

German website MacerKopf has leaked Whatsapp screenshots showing the video call feature. (MacerKopf 2015)

Whatsapp is a popular messaging service which has gathered more than 900 million users in six years and was purchased by Facebook for $19 billion.

Video call looks quite simple on the screenshots. But simplicity is what made Whatsapp so popular. MacerKopf also stated that the feature should be available already in January. (Kelly 2015)


In addition, an upcoming Whatsapp update shall also feature redesigning and desktop access. A new design is supposed to focus on green colours. (Gsmarena 2015)

Being able to use the app from your computer is quite a good idea. As it has been really annoying not to be able to access Whatsapp if your phone is not available.  Viber and Skype have the feature. Time for Whatsapp to join them.

Opinions tend to differ. Some users state that they will no longer need Facebook if Whatsapp is available on the web.

However, Facebook is not afraid of loosing its users due to Whatsapp updates. But Apple’s FaceTime and Microsoft’s Skype should get anxious. Will it ever be possible to challenge the dominance Facebook and Whatsapp with new users attracted by video calling and desktop access?

Future will show if the update will be successful for both Whatsapp and Facebook. What we can analyse now is our actual need for it.

Are we personally going to use Whatsapp video calls or are we too much used to Skype?

Are we going to use Whatsapp on our laptops or it will remain our quick messenger app for smartphones?

My personal answer to these questions is “No”.



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2 thoughts on “Whatsapp Introduces Videocalls

  1. ankithaa68 says:

    I hope I didn’t misunderstand but anyway extra information won’t harm : So Whatsapp desktop access has been available since a long time actually. You can access it by the URL https://web.whatsapp.com/ and go to the settings and there is this Whatsapp Web, you just have to scan a QR code.

    As it is whatsapp calls aren’t that great. Echoes a lot and usually there is a lot of lag. I hope for their sake that they improve their VOIP service.

  2. e.karastoyanov says:

    They should have done it in 2010. Now it’s useless.

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