Drone Ambulance Concept

There are several reasons why this concept of quadcopter-ambulance is better than helicopters which are known nowadays. First of all, this concept is powered electrically. That means no emissions, easier to service parts and also quieter. What is more, it is eco-friendly, that argument should help us when applying for a funding it from EU funds. Drone technology is simpler mechanically than traditional helicopter technology. More and more parts can be 3D printed. To compare it with traditional helicopter which has dozen of parts which are moving in presented concept of quadcopter there are only 4 moving parts. In practice it means that drones are much simpler to maintain. Next, having 4 small sets of rotors means less kinetic energy is held by any one of the moving parts at anyone time than you would find in a helicopter rotor. This means in the undesirable event of a crash there would hopefully be less damage caused by the rotors, as opposed to the damage a helicopters rotors could cause. Ultimately the reason drone technology like this is becoming popular because it’s easier to automate than mechanical systems such as helicopters. Drones can fly themselves with relative ease, whereas automating a mechanical helicopter is significantly harder. Also, there’s the matter of space. A helicopter would have trouble landing close to a building. However, there is still one issue to solve. Patients should not wait in the queues after getting to the hospital.



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6 thoughts on “Drone Ambulance Concept

  1. ankithaa68 says:

    Quadcopters are so badass! 😀

  2. Hanna Hotsyk says:

    Looks like a very useful concept!
    Might be completely real for the nearest future, but unlikely that it will happen in Europe.

  3. e.karastoyanov says:

    That’s a good model for drug delivery.

  4. filipgrudzewski filipgrudzewski says:

    It would be challenging but honestly for short distances it could actually work really good 😀 I’m look forward to see if it would be introduced

  5. d.y.tkachenko says:

    Looks fantastically, however, what are the reasons that stop developers from implementing the concept?

  6. swieboda1990 says:

    Looks really nice innovative and so on, but what is the main difference between this and helicopter(apart from the fact that pilot is missing:P)? The idea itself is fine but there are two main problems- economic and legalisation. It will come to market more or less at the time when commercial planes will be fully automatic(without a pilot on board). As for the economic part: that is the reason why we don’t really see medical helicopters in warsaw :).

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