This Shower Will Change The Way You Wash Yourself

One more ecologically-friendly innovation is being presented to the public. This time we are fighting with draughts and trying to decrease our water consumption.

California-based engineers have invented a shower head that is able to change our way of taking a shower.


As shower technology has not experienced any dramatic changes during the last years engineers have found a place for improvement. Philip Winter and his team of Nebia shower head have chosen a shower as a home product which makes “people have an intimate emotional contact with water”. (Cave 2015)

Their innovation project has resulted in a shower head which transforms water streams in small droplets (“millions”). This technology gives a 10 times bigger surface of water while using just 30% of the volume.

This means that with Nebia a usual 8-minute shower will consume only 6 gallons of water. While an average US citizen usually uses around 20 gallons of water during his daily shower. (Williams 2015)

In addition, the firm states that the shower will make you save tremendous sums of money on water consumption. They say the shower pays off within two years already.

Nebia claims that their shower not only saves water and your money but also brings you skin softening and hydrating experience. Sounds reassuring. Although its price is not as pleasant: $399.

Saving the planet is always an urgent issue. But nobody wants to be the one to start with himself. Especially when it comes to paying $400 and my old shower does its work quite efficiently.

The success of the project might happen thanks to its future money saving. Prices for water consumption are rising in many countries. Here can be found a real reason to purchase a smart shower head.

But if I am taking a decision to buy something for $400 I want to be sure its a good product which is worth it. But how can I be sure about a shower head? How can I try it?

Here is Nebia’s food for thoughts.


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3 thoughts on “This Shower Will Change The Way You Wash Yourself

  1. ankithaa68 says:

    Innovation is everywhere these days 🙂

  2. e.karastoyanov says:

    Innovation for 400 USD… common. However it depend on how much this is going to save me.

  3. swieboda1990 says:

    the idea seems very good and its hard to say something about it flaws(I’m really trying to). As it is not described how it exactly works only its effects its hard to say something about design problems. one thing I found as a potential problem is possible loss of its capabilities due to failure in short time. in some regions, water is highly mineralized which causes settlement of those minerals on the nozzle outlets. This would cause change in water flow strucr=ture and possibly much worse experience.

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