Future of jobs: Fragile or highly perspective?


Hi, it’s me again. Today I’d like to address my thoughts on the future of jobs, which are backed by the latest forum in Davos that went under the topic: “The Forth Industrial Revolution”.

Here are some quotes from the forum that dragged my attention:


  1. “The current system is broken, we see high unemployment with unfilled jobs, rising productivity with stagnant wages, and economic recovery with declining upward mobility.”


  1. “The emphasis needs to be placed on skills. We will have to spend the money to educate our people – not just the children, but also people getting misplaced mid-career – so that they can find new jobs.”


  1. “Any kind of job is going to have a digital component,” stated Satya Nadella. “It doesn’t mean everyone’s got to be a computer scientist; digital technology can in fact bring skills to a much more under-skilled population because of their ease of use and the ease of access to technology.”


  1. “Jobs gains in the next five years will not be enough to offset expected losses”


  1. “You can put 3D printers in the villages, you can link them up to customers, you can cut out the intermediaries they needed to get to city markets”


Honestly speaking, after watching the forum, I had two thoughts in my head:

  1. “What a great future is waiting for us” – this is due to the talks that we’re going towards jobless reality where people will be free of any physical work and repetitive tasks. Future, where “boring stuff” will be done by AI and people will switch towards things they really like doing. Another idea mentioned on the forum was about basic income – fixed transfer pay, assigned for basic needs (e.g. food, maybe living and clothes) and given for nothing (no work required to get the money), so that people could stop worrying about their tomorrow-day, become less stress-exposed and switch towards “important stuff”.
  2. On the other hand, however, I am worried now, really. All the mentioned changes come too fast. I even learn how to code, and although I like it, the second reason for doing so is my fear of being unemployed in the future. And it is just about me, but what’s going to happen in a larger scale when AI will substitute people? We laugh at taxi drivers, since their job is unnecessary anymore amid popularity of Uber, but they seem to be unwilling to accept such radical changes and protest, by burning tires and other things people do when they disagree. I am quite anxious about such scenarios in larger scale, aren’t You…?
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3 thoughts on “Future of jobs: Fragile or highly perspective?

  1. Hanna Hotsyk says:

    Big amount of people who are left without a job can be a really scary thing.
    But hopefully the changes are always coming quite gradually. That is why there will probably not be any shock or stress, the world will get used step by step.

  2. p.bedynska p.bedynska says:

    I agree with Hanna – that hopefully changes will come gradually and people will slowly adjust to given reality. There were times when a lot of products where hand-assembled while now they are made with machines and we are quite happy because of efficiency and no one is protesting. What is more I think we will have new kind of jobs in future and unemployment will not increase significantly.

  3. swieboda1990 says:

    Humen physical work will be still need in short series production and during designing and testing for longer production. Moreover, new job places will be created in authorization of all those manufacturing processes. This doesn’t only involves programmers but also people who are for example creating tools for robots or planning production line.
    Amount of low skill jobs will become lower but it is going to be gradual process giving people time to adapt.

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