“Passengers please remain calm. We are just going to crash”

Who’d knew that rescuing passengers from catastrophy-dangered plane could be so easy? Maybe this solution isn’t the most simple one from the technological point of view but from the logical point of view it is – if plane os going to crach the easiest way to rescue passengers is to.. remove the cabin and make it come back to the ground on parachutes. Is that a future of commercial flying?

Well it depends. You must be aware that this is not an idea that came from Boeing or Airbus but from the independent Ukrainian aviation engeineer (Vladimir Tatarenko) so despite it is great (in my opinion) it would be really hard to implement it into future plane constructions. Large corporations like to buy various solutions but rather to prevent competition for using it.


Here’s how he sees people evacuating (Picture: Vladimir Tatarenko)

Howewer this solution is not without it defects:

  • well first of all – would it really work? It looks good, amost perfect solution but this kind of technology would need to be tested really hard – I mean without wings and engines at all passengers would die for sure;
  • what will happen with detached part (with the wings and engines). Would it fly wherever and crash in random place? Imagine it in the city!
  • what will happen with pilots? Are they staying to control detached part or go to be safe with passengers in the cabin?
  • from the movie we can see landing on the flat ground and water, but what would happen in the mountines? Would it crash or expose passengers for dangerous situations?
  • probably it would be impossible to adjust already existing planes to this kind of standard – it will force to produce new planes which increase environmental pollution;
  • this kind of sulution for sure will increase the cost of production of planes which will increase plane tickets cost, etc.;

As you can see brilliant ideas are not always the easiest ones to implement. We must think if already existing solutions are enough reliable or if we need to modernize this part of public transportation.

P.S.: That is my last 5th post. Hope you didn’t get bored. Thanks for reading.

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7 thoughts on ““Passengers please remain calm. We are just going to crash”

  1. e.karastoyanov says:

    I read about this technology – too expensive to produce, but I hope they will find funds.

  2. bergman.wendy bergman.wendy says:

    It’s about time they start thinking of a solution don’t you think? However, whole new planes with this special system for sure means there will be extra costs involved. And who should bear these costs? I am not sure plane carriers are ready to pay that. Plane carriers had to merge in order to survive the crisis, more and more cheap carriers take over the market. We as consumers always look for great deals. As sad as it sounds I am not sure there will be enough costumers wiling to pay extra in order to have extra safety. Many people rather keep that $200 bucks for something else and think “what are the odds my plane will crash?”.

    • p.bedynska p.bedynska says:

      In video it’s stated that in questionnaire 95% of people said they would pay 15% more expensive tickets if they had chan

      • p.bedynska p.bedynska says:

        if they had chance of salvation in case of accident. (sorry for two comments, my dog decided to enter on the keybord)

        I don’t know how representative this questionnaire was, but I would pay higher price, especially for longer distance flights.

  3. Hanna Hotsyk says:

    Planes need innovation but one particular idea will not make a change. It needs to be developed and tested millions of times until it really become a useful thing worth implementing in real life. In my opinion, we are still too far from creating a cabin that will safely bring passengers back to the ground with the help of a parachute. Life risk will still remain incredibly high. But let’s hope for the best.
    Who would not want to make our flights safer?

  4. p.bedynska p.bedynska says:

    For me it looks reasonable. In video it’s stated that similar solutions are already in military aviation. It of course needed to be checked one thousand times before introducing, but is it the case with all big innovations?
    To answer your question regarding pilots – I can image they start the procedure of detaching the passenger part in their cabin, but they have for example one minute to move to passenger part, than the wings with engines and cabin are detached and everyone is safe. If aircraft is expected to fall anyway then it would be better without pilots that can do nothing – this is with regard to your second question.

  5. swieboda1990 says:

    It doesn’t look like it would work. first of all, such a solution will add great mass to the plane itself or substantially weaken its structure which will be avoided by adding support(additional mass). This itself crosses this idea. planes are built with a very low safety factor(forces it can withstand over normal ones) in order to cut their mass. Secondly, planes are rather safe this day and most of the problems are caused by human mistake or purposeful behavior which can not be prevented by this solution. I may even say that without checking I can bet that idea was not created by aviation engineer- it is just to far from reality

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