APPLE TV : Apple May Start Making Its Own TV Shows




Creation of unique content is not a new thing for the company Apple, which has already managed to create from scratch the radio Beats 1 and from time to time shot some videos for the musicians to broadcast exclusively in their Apple Music. However, according to recent reports, it is just the beginning and Apple TV is o its way to come out.

According to the report Apple has been speaking with TV studios and producers to create new TV shows that will be offered exclusively to iTunes users. It’s also said that these shows might be included in some kind of a TV offering that Apple is likely to unveil later this year in September.

As the ”The Street” reports, currently  Apple is the initial stage of negotiations with the representatives of Hollywood production  about possible cooperation to create unique content. Presumably it comes to their own series and TV shows that will form the basis of its own subscription television service operating on the principle of Apple Music.

I believe that it can be a real good move and there are some successful examples of such initiatives which we all know – Amazon and Netflix, which for a long time were simple distributors of content, began to produce the shows themselves, that brought them great success. It could be easily possible that after a while we watch series issued in the  Apple studio.

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3 thoughts on “APPLE TV : Apple May Start Making Its Own TV Shows

  1. pidek9 pidek9 says:

    I am not sure if I like the idea that one company is spreading their services and products so much. I prefer the small manufacture style where one company i specialized in one thing…

  2. Avatar d.y.tkachenko says:

    Apple is a tech company, thus it I’m quite critical about its’ success in the field. However, they are famous for making unusual stuff, and who knows, maybe this try won’t be an exception.

  3. Avatar swieboda1990 says:

    This would mean competing with Netflix which might be rather hard taking into account its position on the market at the moment. On the other hand, for us customers it would be a good news as at least there would be some good competition between two strong brands with resources to fight for customers by improving the experience and cutting price.

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