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Today I would like to share with you my recent discovery – hitRECord. It is an open community-sourced production company where anyone can contribute text, images, audio or video. Their page has quite a lot of options and I will try to shortly introduce some of them to you.

On the “Main Page” you will see projects that company is currently interested in, so you can contribute to them and if they will pick up your work – it’ll be monetized.

“Collaborate” page is place to start. Here you can see ‘challenges’ – so a small creative tasks to do (for example creating one video), ‘projects’ – set of challenges, ‘productions’ – projects that are distributed through different channels like tv, events, books etc. You can collaborate by: writing, making illustrations, graphic design, photography, acting, editing, animation, vocals, music, voice acting or conducting interview.


“Profile” Page – everything you are working on and you recommend shows up here. On your Profile page you will also see remixes of your work, and if someone comments or recommends it.

If you want to feel as “Producer” the website gives you tools to create, manage and produce the whole Project. You can set goals, organize challenges, post schedule, communicate with collaborators and more.

When it comes to Challenges – anyone can contribute to them as well as create one for specific project.

If company picks up some work, adds it to Production and it’s getting monetized – contributors are paid. How? The hitRECord staff proposes a percentage that each record should receive, this “Proposal” is being published for whole community to review and staff is waiting for 2 weeks for feedback on it. Then feedback is getting reviewed by staff and they prepare “Final profit” document and soon after that all contributors are paid.

Joe's Intro Video

Are we recording? …yes? www.hitRECord.org

Opublikowany przez Joseph Gordon-Levitt na 23 stycznia 2016


What do You think about hitRECord? Are you gonna log in there and contribute to some project? Or is it just another social platform that you need to remember the log-in and password?

I believe it is really great place for creative people and artists, where they can try their hands at various projects. Also, it’s place where you can have fun or just show your pieces of work and get some feedback. And btw you can make money on that 😉 If I had more free time I would try myself in ‘voice acting’, as it was my dream when I was younger and I would do it just for fun. What is more, in my opinion Joseph Gordon-Levitt had a really innovative idea with introducing this kind of collaborative production company. He and his staff are deciding what is getting published etc., but they have wide range of records to pick from and a lot of people willing to contribute. The idea is simple, yet brilliant.

If my post was interesting enough, please enjoy: www.hitrecord.org ! 🙂



http://www.facebook.com/ JoeGordonLevitt/videos/1186370408053288/


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3 thoughts on “hit RECORD !

  1. pidek9 pidek9 says:

    The idea is very nice and maybe I will be interested to try, however it will need more users to become really useful. I will keep watching them 😉

  2. Avatar michal.paszkowiak says:

    I have to monitor wat heppen next:)

  3. Avatar swieboda1990 says:

    it seems to be a great idea with potential to grow even bigger and spread to other countries(languages). Moreover, I can easily see spinoffs of this idea for example with collaborative making video games(though without someone to choose when to publicise it rather by democratic voting of those who contributed). This would allow many young graphics or programmers to gain some experience quite easily and probably create a bunch of new indie games.

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