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Nowadays multi-touch screens are used in majority of devices and the trend seems to be growing. Unfortunately it looks like the technology forgot about big group of people  who cannot see the displayed content.  In Poland there is about 90 thousand people struggling with blindness and about 315 millions of people with this disability all over the world. What is more the problem is predicted to grow. People who use Braille is about 150 millions of people. In general we are generation that is less likely to read things so instead there is more and more videos, pictures and iconographic. Fortunately there is a company that is developing technology which allows blind people use tablets.

BLITAB® is the World’s first tactile tablet for blind and visually impaired people. It is a  Braille device for reading and writing that displays one whole page Braille text, without any mechanical elements. We can compare it to an e-book which displays small physical bubbles. They rise and fall on demand, in a result one whole page can be read and can be written via Braille Perkins Keyboard. This is the first time that users can have an overview of a whole document.

I believe that the idea is great and I do not understand why blind and visually impaired  people had to wait for such a long time for this solution. It is already possible to sign up to pre-order. I hope that this solution will work soon and that more companies will think about peoples’ disabilities and improving their everyday life.



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3 thoughts on “Tablet for blind people

  1. Hanna Hotsyk says:

    Great invention! Seems strange why it took them so long to create such a device.
    However, I heard that some blind people have actually been managing to use smartphones and tablets.
    There has even been a scandal around a gaming app (something connected to having a virtual baby) which removed its sound. The whole community of blind people made a protest as they could not play their favourite game without sound.

    • pidek9 pidek9 says:

      Really? I didn’t know about it… I am impressed how much disabled people can adopt to existing world and that they are not discouraged to try. I really hope that technology will make their lives easier soon

  2. swieboda1990 says:

    if it comes to blind people the devices offer ways to interact with them by for example reading out loud(or via headphones) text on the page or what certain button means. moreover, it has features for people with hearing problems too. all of it could be improved with additional resources as for example describing what is in the photo(google is working on something of this matter). The tablet You’re writing about would be a huge improvement for those people who have both hearing and seeing disabilities and this group is much smaller.

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