Exchange traders use computer games as a private communication channel for insider trading

November 28 FBI Special Agent David Chavez gave a presentation at the event New York Hedge Fund Round Table.

According to Chavez, in 2009 the US government began to actively combat illegal trade insider information in the hedge fund industry (investment funds oriented to guaranteed return). During this time it produced a lot of arrests and the charges against hedge fund managers and stock traders.


Particular attention is paid to communication channels Chavez, who used the workers in this industry for data transfer. For example, traders buy cheap mobile phones with prepaid tariffs, getting rid of the device after every illegal contact. In addition, in the course were incomprehensible to outsiders posts on social networks, serves as a signal of when to buy or sell securities.

But the most creative way, according to Chavez, was the use of computer games.

A brilliant solution in this case turned out to be things like the Xbox and PlayStation.

With their help, you can connect to the network, find the right person in any Call of Duty, and then conduct a private conversation with him, and – guess what – to transfer him to non-public information.


Over the past few months, this is not the first time that the media are discussing the possibility of using games consoles as the private channels of communication in the conduct of illegal activities. In mid-September, widespread news that communication in the preparation of terrorist attacks in Paris could occur through the applications on gaming consoles.

Then Interior Minister of Belgium acknowledged that for PlayStation 4:

Follow more complex than WhatsApp

Later it turned out that in the case of Paris consoles have not been applied, but such cases is still unknown. For example, in May 2015 a resident of Australia, was sentenced to two years in prison for downloading on the console instructions for building bombs and communicate with its members via LIH

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3 thoughts on “Exchange traders use computer games as a private communication channel for insider trading

  1. pidek9 pidek9 says:

    There are always some bad people who will use technology for evil purposes. That is why I am not so pleased with fast development of new technologies because they are not secure enough. Before launching new things (games, apps, programmes, drones etc. ) it should be considered if we are able to ban people who are using it for bad purposes.

    • boris.marushchak boris.marushchak says:

      It not that bad when it’s come only for transferring money without taxes or something like that. Otherwise, stealing money it’s a different story 🙂

  2. swieboda1990 says:

    They are used because it is one can not simply turn off this channel as it would harm thousands of ordinary people. moreover, it is a new way of communication for those purposes and is not yet secured. I am sure that both Microsoft and sony asked by FBI will start to monitor conversations through their servers. it should not be harder than monitoring SMS conversation and should allow to easily locate console through which conversation was conducted(IP address- as it would be harder to hide it then on PC 🙂 ). I’m more scared of android applications or ios applications as those can be hard notice and then decrypt. it is caused by the fact that ios can be jailbroken and android rooted and this gives much bigger possibilities than tightly controlled consoles where a conversation is possible via pre-made channels.

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