Apps to help you become more sustainable

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Do you want to safeguard the planet so your children can breathe fresh air, drink clean water, enjoy a pleasant morning with moderate sun and cool breeze? Do you want them to paint the same happy pictures of rainbows and butterflies; mountains and rivers? You should take the first step to lead a more sustainable life. I agree it’s very hard in a world full of booby traps and convenient unsustainable alternatives, but fear not, sustainability apps are here as your knight in shining armor. Here is a list of four apps that support sustainable lifestyle:

Green Meter


According to your driving practice and your vehicle’s capacity and fuel consumption, this app provides information to increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption and cost. It collects, stores and displays real-time energy consumption and facility information. If you think that is unsafe, you can also simulate driving by triggering the motion sensors in your phone by tilting your phone forward and backward. You can utilize the resultant information displayed for the selected acceleration, aerodynamic drag, and rolling resistance on the road. It also tracks your progress toward energy reduction goals and your data is monitored by a panel of experts who provide frequent feedback and solutions for cost reduction and better fuel efficiency. It costs $5.99 on iTunes App store. For more information please click here. But it is available only on Apple phones.

Go Green


This app is available both on iTunes and Google play store. It is available for free. Has a 2.5 rating on iTunes and and 3.5 on Google Play. This app provides recycling bank locations, video guides, tips about recycling, upcoming events and news about recycling. You can also create your own profile and it lets you connect your profile with your social media accounts. It acts as a one stop shop for all the recycling activities. For more information click here if you have an android phone and here if you have an Apple phone.

Carbon Footprint Calculator


This app calculates your carbon dioxide output by evaluating your monthly utility bills and provides subsequent solutions to reduce energy consumption and thus helps you save money. It also sets achievable goals for reducing your carbon footprint and provides suitable tips to achieve this goal. This app is available on Google Play Store and can be installed for free. Has a 3.5 rating. For more information and to install the app click here.



This app is available on both iTunes and Google Play. It can be installed for free. Has a rating of 2 and for on iTunes and Google Play respectively. This app Provides health, environmental, sustainability and social performance ratings for over 120,000 consumer products. It scans barcodes and provides product information and ratings on your phone. You can also set preferences about particular areas that concerns you the most about the product. It also provides customized recommendations based on your product choice patterns. To install the app or for more information please visit this link on android and this link on iTunes.

Feel free to use the space to tell us about your favorite sustainable apps.

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One thought on “Apps to help you become more sustainable

  1. Avatar swieboda1990 says:

    I really appreciate the idea of increasing people knowledge concerning environmental protection. Though I can see the big problem of those applications. They are poorly made(on average score below 3 out of 5) and often lack the necessary information. First application “greenMeter”- it simply can not tell You how much MPG you’re making (asked in
    Customer Reviews in iTunes) as it does not have enough info. similarly rolling resistance and aerodynamic drag can be confused with energy recuperation which is done by new advanced, ecological cars.

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