Brave new world


Today life is as exciting as one can imagine. The internet startups are getting crazier every passing day. They provide more opportunity than ever. Technology is so empowering that we are equipped enough to start our own internet startup in our basement. Especially for those who love travelling, this is the best age to live in. We are no longer chained to desks and chairs stuck inside four walls.

Netflix is recruiting “grammasters”.  They pay for your travel, you get to visit popular TV shows and movie sets, take pictures and upload them on instagram. They pay you $2000 per week for this, and this is a two week gig. All this by just adding “#grammasters3” hashtag to three of your Instagram pictures. No cover letter, no filling up 20 pages of unwanted information. It’s quick and effective. How exciting is this! For more information visit their website

My point is, just when I was thinking travel blogging, WWOOFing and the like, and freelancing while traveling are the coolest things and I stumble upon this. Needless to say, because of the Internet, teenagers and 20 somethings can become successful entrepreneurs, travelers need not be the homeless hippies anymore and artists have a bigger platform to showcase their skills for monitory rewards. This is the age of innovation and creativity, and technology lays as its foundation.


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One thought on “Brave new world

  1. Avatar swieboda1990 says:

    great idea for both potential “grammasters” and Netflix itself. As it is very innovative and rather tempting for all movie fans it can be very beneficial for Netflix. just because it is so good offer for all of the people and they will be wiling to share it with their friends. It is rather a good advertisement of their service which does not cost much compared to ordinary marketing in internet or tv.

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