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There we are, Amazon did it : the  e-marketplace has just opened its first supermarket in Seattle (United States). Called Amazon Go, the store has the particularity of not having check-out, all going through a mobile app associated with an Amazon account. Unfortunately,  this store is only in test for now and is just opened for Amazon’s employees. It should be open to the public at the beginning of the year. Moreover, if tests are successful, Amazon plans to open more than 2,000 grocery stores, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday, citing sources.

To enjoy Amazon Go, people will need to install the application and scan the barcode displayed on the screen before entering. Afterwards, they could store their smartphone and they will only have to take the items that interest them. Once their shopping is over, they will simply have to go out of the shop, without having to open their bag. The exit of the user will be detected and, as the user passes through the exit, the user, without having to stop or otherwise be delayed, will be sent the invoice on smartphone, with an automatic payment in the wake.

Called “Just walk out technology”, Amazon remains rather vague about how the store will work. They’re explaining that they are using computer vision, deep learning algorithms, sensor fusion, technologies that can be found in self driven cars. More details will be given next years with the opening of their stores




Stay tuned !





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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Amazon go !

  1. Avatar aboody says:

    I am wondering how it is going to be with scaling vegetables/fruits

  2. Avatar melihdagistanli says:

    This will be a complete game-changer in retail industry. Many people will lose jobs of course and in return, we will see shopping centers with very few and no workers. It will decrease costs of products. But the most interesting part will be machine learning of our purchasing habits. They will know what do we buy and do not we buy. There will be concerns regarding security and privacy of consumers. We dont know how anonymous we can be when it comes to shopping in the future.

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