Tesla is not futuristic, Lilium Aviation is!

Lilium Aviation devlopes a futuristic areoplane that can takeoff vertically, and of course also land vertically1. The base of the technique is the same as the French fighter jet Mirage uses.
The futuristic product has gained interest among risk capitalist, one of Sweden’s most famous entrepreneurs Niklas Zennström has invested 10 million euros in the company. He states that one thing that he likes about the project is the fact that it’s just a prototype so far to make the concept work before scaling up production.
The prototype is of course made out of lightweight materials combined with electrics fans to power the machine. Lilium Atviation is based in Germany, founded by engineers and PhDs from the university of Munich. Lilium Atviation is just one of many startups that try to create a flying vehicle for the everyday use.

AeroMobile 3.0 Source

Another company that has come further with their prototype is the Slovenian company AeroMobile2. They have stated that they are planning to start selling their product on the market in 2017. Although their AeroMobile 3.0 looks more like a modified airplane rather than something completely new.
However what we can conclude is that at some point in the not too distance future there will be a personal transportation that is not land-bound.

1 http://www.breakit.se/artikel/5720/atomico-pumpar-in-100-miljoner-i-futuristiskt-flygplansbygge
2 http://www.va.se/nyheter/2015/03/20/de-utlovar-en-flygande-bil-redan-2017/

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One thought on “Tesla is not futuristic, Lilium Aviation is!

  1. Enrico Di Stefano says:

    Interesting idea, interesting technology but the question is: are we ready for something like this? In my opinion, neither in 50 years we will be ready for this because it requires many changes:
    – new laws;
    – new technologies to help “drivers”;
    – “control tower” to manage this new air traffic (imagine the difficulty to manage all those vehicles in the air, because, certainly they will be more than airplanes).
    – …
    Then, we have to talk about the difficulty. Certainly it will be more difficult and more risky drive this kind of vehicle. Think for example about a damage, if you are inside a car you risk that stops, on that vehicles you risk to fall down and to hurt people on the ground.
    Not to mention the requirements that you should satisfy to drive this kind of vehicle. Suffice it to think of pilots and all controls they have to do and all the requirements they should satisfy.
    In the end, maybe as you said at some point in the not too distance future there will be a personal transportation that is not land-bound but, in my opinion, it could work for some rich people who wants a new and different “toy” to play with, because it could work for a small number of these vehicles since that a small number it is easier to manage.

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