How to use Snapchat in E-commerce

Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send pictures and videos that self-delete a few seconds after being opened. There is also the option to send these pictures and videos to your “Snap Story” in which case the snaps are accessible by anyone on your friends list for 24 hours. Since it’s launch in 2011 it has become increasingly popular.

Since Snapchat is so popular, companies have been adding accounts and using the app to promote their brand. Here are 4 ways that Snapchat can be used to promote e-commerce stores:

1.Creating excitement around new products

Posting Snaps to promote new products, or to build excitement about the release of new products is a good way to get started. The best company doing this is Taco Bell. Even though they are not an e-commerce store, they are, in my opinion, the best in Snapchat marketing. They use Snapchat to create authentic and less intrusive campaigns to reach their target audience. This technique can be applied to e-commerce sites as well.

2. Distribute discounts and promo codes

Everyone loves a good discount. Some companies are encouraging their users to share snap stories of them interacting with the brand and in exchange they receive discounts from 10-100% off their next purchase. With e-commerce stores you can ask your users to upload screenshots of their snaps. Or they will have a promo code posted in their Snap Story, and users can use it at during check out on the e-commerce site.

3. Invite users to interact

There are different ways to get your users to interact. The first is to post a series of Snap Stories and create a game. For example, encourage users who watch Snap stories to solve clues to get discounts or other prizes. This can be a bit harder for an e-commerce store to do, as their is no physical store to do this in. However, if your social media team is creative, it can surely be done.

Another way to get your users to interact is to have social media  influencers post about your company on their social media, and lead them to the your Snapchat. Or if the influencers use their Snapchat to promote your brand, with perhaps a discount code, it will also lead new users to your site.

The main takeaway with either are incentives. Users need a reason to get involved. There are some who are brand loyal and don’t need incentives. But these are few and far between depending on the company.

4. Show your team

People love to see what’s going on behind the scenes at their favorite companies. It is a good idea to introduce your team and show the followers what they are doing. You can have different people “hosting” the Snaps for a day or week, etc. Or you can have one dedicated person posting the Snaps, but they go around the office and introduce different members of the team and let the users get to know what’s going on. This helps users feel more connected to the company, and like they are a part of the process in some way. This is useful for e-commerce stores because customers don’t have the opportunity to meet employees, or build a connection in a regular retail store. 

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2 thoughts on “How to use Snapchat in E-commerce

  1. Katarzyna Zalewska says:

    I like that, really actionable tips! I’m a big fan of Snapchat and I really wish companies used it more in Poland. It’s a tool with great potential because it doesn’t take much (time or effort) to interact. I think it’s the best tool to build an engaged community around your brand, espacially if you target teenagers. However, it’s also possible Snapchat will end soon and investing money in it will be just a waste. Especially because Instastory is already equally popluar. Looks like it’s crucial to react quickly and if there is a new, trending social media tool, you should make use of it asap, even if it’s improvising, not a well-though strategy.

    But anyway- GO SNAPCHAT! 😀

  2. imysliwiec says:

    Interesting summary of advertising via snapchat. Thanks a lot, will think about introducting it in the company i work in, does not seem to be a hard issue.

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