iO camera soon available

Available on January 10, 2017, the iO camera from Giroptic is a handheld camera to attach to iPhone or iPad via the lightning port. The Giroptic iO will offer a high quality 360 degree view, useful for the retransmission of events in live for example.

Giroptic is an international company based in San Fransisco, California and Lille, France. Founded in 2008 it is a pioneer in the 360 ​​degree.

The Giroptic iO has two sensors with an aperture at f / 1.8 and a viewing angle of 195 ° each (connections are automatically made). It is made of an aluminium case of 73 x 73 mm (70 grams) and integrates a battery of 915 mAh.

This version is only usable with Apple devices because it requires a lightning port. It will allow users to capture up to 7.37 Mpixels and videos (1920 x 960 pixels at 30 fps, H.264) at 360 degree and even to record live videos. For now, only YouTube is the only platform compatible for live video, but Facebook could be the next plateform to offer hosting.

“An Android version is on the way, but will not happen immediately” according to the company

Giroptic iO puts a live-streaming 360 camera onto your iPhone

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  1. Avatar Chiara Canzutti says:

    I think that this camera can create very nice videos. In the current context is increasingly important to show our life on social networks. With this device will be easier to get caught on camera and obtain a high number of LIKE. For these reasons, it will probably be very used in the coming months, becoming a must have object.

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