BIG TREND ALERT: Augmented Reality in e-commerce.

Everybody buys stuff online – it is a fact.

E-commerce became an integral part of our life styles. We love to buy stuff online because it’s cheap, easy and less time consuming than shopping in regular, brick and mortar stores. Just by few clicks from the smartphone we can buy practically anything, anytime, anywhere. Online or mobile shopping is very convenient but it also has its limitations.

“The primary drawback to online shopping is that many of the sensory elements that customers use to make their purchasing decisions are often lost. When shopping online, a customer cannot touch or feel an item, see how it works, or know how it will fit in their home.”


This lack of proper visualization is often the main reason why people decide to take this effort and go to offline store to buy stuff. But what if e-commerce companies already have solution for that?

You bet they do! Augmented Reality (AR) is the answer. Through blending together virtual objects with surrounding environment, in real-time AR gives customer a possibility of seeing how selected product will fit.


IKEA augmented reality catalogue



Yesterday during press conference at CES 2017 ASUS introduced ZenFone AR, a smartphone that contains a TriCam system for immersive and high-quality AR experiences.



One particularly interesting application of this smartphone was shown at CES and it is connected with e-commerce. In collaboration with clothing mogul GAP, ASUS presented augmented reality shopping application that provides user with a digital mannequin to try different clothing. User is able to try various clothing pieces in all available sizes right on his own avatar. How cool is that?



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6 thoughts on “BIG TREND ALERT: Augmented Reality in e-commerce.

  1. Chiara Canzutti says:

    In my opinion, this is one of the most interesting use of AR. It may be relevant in particular for the purchase of clothes. In fact, I believe that a lot of people don’t buy dresses on line because of this problem (they cannot try it). I also find very interesting the possibility of seeing the furnishings directly at home. I think that over the coming years this market will be developed. Potentially this market is worth billions of euros.

  2. mskorodzien says:

    Hi, nice article, I agree with Chiara, it s one of the best tools of AR. I think this innovation will increase the amount of e-buyers, cause it s much more comfortable and visible to see, how the particular furniture will gonna look like in “real” than only using imagination and walking around the room with the measuring centimeter:).

  3. nico hemp says:

    Good find! I can see it being a thing, especially as the technology develops. And especially for non-wearable things (furniture f.ex.). Because for fashion it seems that there are those people for whom it is very important to touch products and see them in real life, wearing them etc, and then there are those who don’t seem to care at all and order online judging by pictures alone. I’m not sure if AR could bridge between the two groups since the tangible component is still missing.

  4. ebrg says:

    I agree with the others, this innovation is really good. I buy lot of stuff on internet and for clothes it can be really useful because you never know if a item can suits you or not so it can really help. And I find it also really helpful for furniture, the fact that you can see the furniture in your own place and how it’s going to look like is really interesting. As mskorodzien says, i think it’s going to increase the amount of e-buyer because lot of people are afraid to buy online because they don’t know what to expect.

  5. Justine Astier says:

    I totally agree with the other comments : this is really cool. Although e-commerce sites have made tremendous improvment in recent years to give consumers a sense of feeling in-store, I find that using AR is really the top of the top. On the other hand I am not sure I understood everything, it is necessary to have the smartphone Asus to be able to benefit from the AR on the merchant sites?

  6. Katarzyna Zalewska says:

    IMO, the image is not enough. When it comes to clothing, touch is as important, the material is… well, the most important part of clothes 😉

    The same with furniture, a bed might looks well, but how it FEELS is the most important question.

    But I have to say I’m full of hope for the future. 20 years ago my parents wouldn’t believe if someone told them that soon they’ll be able to try clothes on with a phone. So I’m sure that in another 20 years I’ll be able to smell and touch things without leaving my flat 😉

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