Is it worth to smash everything, take the laptop, buy a one-way ticket to a place far away and start another life? The whole truth about digital nomads.

Digital nomad – a person who left everything behind except of its work, takes its laptop and travels through the world. The number of that type of people is still increasing. They are known for posting pictures on Facebook, showing how they work at a beautiful beach between the palms. In the back we can see some necessary accessories as the surfboard, scuba diving equipment, kites, just depending on the preferences and the place. That kind of lifestyle may on the first look like a madness, but it isn’t!


What means digital nomadism?

Digital nomads are people who take advantage of the internet and mobile devices to work remotely. They do various professions, which do not require staying in one place, but it is necessary to have a stable connection with the internet.

These are programmers, copywriters, marketing specialists, designers, SEO consultants, language teachers, translators, lawyers, owners of e-companies, bloggers, virtual assistants, online psychologists and far more….

The core point is that potentially all services can be transmitted to the internet and these create all the digital nomad workplaces. Instead of sitting in the stationary office they do their job in co-working places, rented apartments, cafeterias or even, adapted home-office vans.

The most of them use this possibility to go abroad and life on the Canary Islands, south Spain, south-east Asia, South Africa, Mexico and even Australia. Before choosing the place its worth to check the nomad list with the calculations of life costs and features of particular places. You can check them out right here:

Few just move for few months; the others decide for having a mobile life and are the most time somewhere abroad.


What type of people choses that lifestyle

Digital nomads are not hippies selling self-made bracelets on the streets of touristic cities, these aren’t also travelers who work for getting food e.g.. On farms (Workaway model), these aren’t also people who work usually in offices and have one or two days home office.

The most digital nomads are people who decided to take their work to exotic, tropical countries.

The main part of them is educated, talented and creative, who care as well about their career and self-development as exploring new places and taking advantage of the attractions in their free time these places give.

They are developing steadily, know few languages on an professional basis, possess an excellent time-management skill, have experience, and in combination of all these features they can do what they are doing.

Nomads are usually specialist in new technology, internet and everything connected with the virtual world. Many people write blogs, teach how to promote them, record vlogs and publishes them. That kind of lifestyle gives the possibility to improve the languages skills and also learn new languages and cultures. It also teaches to catch a healthy distance to reality.

A great example for successfull digital nomads is the founder of the “Travel like a boss podcast”, who shows how digital nomads live and what to do, to have a life like that!

To check this out, just visit the homepage:



The online working issue and the desire to explore the world are not the only factors

The day a person decides to put the most important things in the backpack, the laptop, the one-way ticket and the trip to the airport, the so called breakthrough day is usually preceded with few weeks, even months of preparation. Often people even have to change a lot of habits to get a new point of view and to prepare to live in a new, totally different culture.

We are surrounded every day with people taking part in a rat race, rushing for money and a better position. Nomads chose a life, an adventure, coworking, exploring the world, independency, nonconformity…

They can easily adapt to the reality and take advantage of everything the new place has to offer them. No matter if they are working 8h per day, longer or shorter, they are just happy of having the possibility in another place they once used to be forced to be.


1 billion digital nomads by 2035

More and more people all across the world start working remotely. Specialists suggest that by 2035, 50% of US citizens are going to be freelancers and 1/3 of them will chose the nomad lifestyle.

Also in Poland, nowadays there are just few of them but this trend is increasing and therefore also the number of people who decide to life and work in this particular way.


How about you? Could you imagine buying a one-way ticket, change the office desk, for a hammock on the beach, the coffee for a drink and work listening to the waves and watching surfers?!

How to become a digital nomad


4 thoughts on “Is it worth to smash everything, take the laptop, buy a one-way ticket to a place far away and start another life? The whole truth about digital nomads.

  1. Avatar sovakvictoria says:

    I think this is something that will become more and more popular in all sectors. I think in the next 20-50 years instead of seeing posts with “partially remote”, etc. companies will target people who are, or are interested in being a digital nomad. Not only because it’s what people want, but because these types of people have certain characteristics that are attractive. For example, time management, being adventurous, goal oriented, and driven.

  2. Avatar alimurat says:

    If it makes you more creative, why not to go somewhere, where you want to… I believe, it is also companies beneficial to work with someone, who can work online rather than working in located office center. It is much likely that we can just go to panama and work there on the beach. 🙂

    • Avatar imysliwiec says:

      I think it is not a matter of creativity but just choosing a life you would rather like to live, and to live your life as you want you need money. So when you have a remote job that gives you money you are a free bird, able to fly anywhere :D! For sure it depends the most on the person’s attitude and desire of lifestyle.

  3. Avatar Katarzyna Zalewska says:

    That’s a really hard question! For sure, if you ever experienced grey, sad, cold winter in Poland, you dream of leaving this place and working somewhere else (preferably with SUN) for at least half a year, each year 😉 I’m no different in that matter. Exploring new places and having the opportunity to meet local people, experience different cultures, is a life-changing adventure.

    On the other hand, I have some experience in working remotely and I know some drawbacks too. To me, having co-workers in the office, building relationships with them, asking for their opinion, exchanging knowledge, experiences, tricks, opinions… is SUPER important! Traveling is great, but whether we like it or not, we are very social creatures. I’d love to work remotely from Hawaii, but I’d miss the whole drama in the office (gossips, drinking coffee together when complaining on the boss).

    But! I thinkg there is a solution for that too! Have you heard of a Polish company Droids On Roids? They are a great example of ‘workation’. The whole company went to Bali to work there and experience Bali after hours. You should definitely check it out:

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