Do we buy the brand or the product (Nvidia Quadro)

nvidia-computing-workstation-logoLet’s be honest, why you should pay over 3000$ for graphic card that is almost identical with the one that cost 1000$ or even 600$.

Nvidia’s brand for graphics cards intended to use for many different solutions such as GeForce for games and Quadro for workstations which is being used by professionals. Quadro is mainly used for design, graphics, digital content creation and coding. Thanks to its chipsets which is the best chipsets that you can get from the silicon. But as I said in the beginning, Quadro and GeForce chipsets are from the same family. It is production stages are totally the same. The GPU chips on Quadro graphics cards are totally identical to the ones that are being used for GeForce graphic cards. Of course the end products are differentiated from substantially by the drivers and the professional support for the software itself.

indirBut don’t you dare to confuse yourself. Hold on a second and try to think about a video game developer company which renders millions of codes and graphics in a day. Can’t you find the answer still? Professional companies just pay 3000$ because of its support availability itself to get aid in crisis from Nvidia.

The chips that are used in Quadro are the best ones for that family generation. It is stability and adding small differences such as calculating massive things such as coding and pixels are creating the differences between Quadro and Geforce. Most of the professional companies are choosing to buy Quadro just because it is the best graphic card for the development stage.

indir-1Hold on a second, you think I am telling you cannot do the same things in Geforce graphic cards. Because I just told you it is totally identical and coming from the same production stages? Yes, you are right, you can do the same things in Geforce but you can never trust the results. In the rendering or calculation stage, Quadro graphic cards are the best ones compared to GeForce. In GeForce graphic cards, you can never be sure that rendering stage did not create any bug that can accrue later on.

Since the fireware and drivers are the most important difference between Quadro and Geforce, we can totally assume that the professional companies are only paying the support and the software. I should also mention the CUDA cores. Just because of it is the best ships that are used for Quadro, Nvidia is able to offer more CUDA cores which allows to render and calculate things faster and stable. Let’s not be dare to buy Quadro graphic cards for playing games because it is just throwing your money away.



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