What makes Amazon greatest IT-company in the world? A guide to the company of the future

What makes Amazon great?  Why and how the company has become so big?
– Inspirational management? Well-knit team? Company culture? Or innovativeness? Or probably all together?

All those components have led to a unique synergy that drives the company ahead, and innovativeness is probably the main part of the progress.

Being proactive is ain’t easy. Thinking out of the box is a huge skill developed with years, and trained by the experiences. Managing the technology and the change in a fast-developing world is an art. Jeff Besos is an artist who  has implemented numerous successful innovations in the company. Here are the best of them, those who made Amazon one of the leading IT-companies in the world.

Amazon Go

In 2016 Amazon introduced the most advanced shop in the world. Smart shopping is real – no lines, no cash desks. The shop is supported by the application Amazon Go, which allows to do any transaction with the help of the smartphone, just scan the item and put it in the basket. Special technology, called Just Walk Out, automatically detects when the products are taken from or returned to the shelves and keeps track of them in a virtual cart.
Currently it is often only for Amazon employees in a Beta program, yet in 2017 it will open to the public.

Prime Air
First Customer delivery

Amazon is not the first company to use drones as a delivery vehicle, but Amazon is the first to put it into their business strategy, not only  use it as a promotional tool. The very first parcel was delivered in December, 2016. Amazon will continue using drones in the area of Cambridge.

Airship warehouses

In 2014 Amazon has filed a patent for using airship warehouses that would work in tandem with drones to make a delivery. Amazon calls those air stations “Airborne fulfilment centres”(AFc), which are aimed to be used in the times of a high demand (e.g. Christmas holidays) to deliver goods to metropolitan areas using drones. They will be dispatched directly from the AFc, which will make the delivery faster than ever.

What else has Amazon planned for us in 2017? We’ll see. But we can be sure – it’s going to be astonishing.



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2 thoughts on “What makes Amazon greatest IT-company in the world? A guide to the company of the future

  1. nico hemp says:

    What I wonder with respect to these airship warehouses is in how far amazon is actually interested in stuff like that or if it just makes for a good illustration of amazon’s entitlement to be recognized as a world leader in innovation. Prestige projects. Mind you, if have no idea of the this particular project and how realistic it is (obviously possible but a question of efficiency in terms of engineering costs and airspace usage I guess) but take Google with their space elevator or Facebook with this brain reading thing. Did/do they actually want to go through with that or is it just to show off …

  2. Katarzyna Zalewska says:

    I’m a huge fan of Amazon, I have to admit. The numerous innovation are impressive and for sure this company changed the landscape for all of us. Recently I read a book ‘One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of Amazon.com’ and it made me wonder to what extent does Amazon owe its success to luck and connections. Is the use of patents legal? There are multiple controversies around Amazon (and actually there’s even a whole article on Wikipedia about them: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amazon.com_controversies) and I think people who praise Amazon for innovations really should get familiar with the other side of the coin 😉

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