The nespresso of wine

After winning the price of “Best Start up” CES 2016, the French 10-vins company has again surprised this year with its new model of D-vine called “Connect”.

This company based in Nantes (West of France), was created in 2012 by three graduated engineers passionnated by wine.

Initially, the company selling bottles of wine of 10cl, equivalent to a glass of wine. In 2014, the 10-vins team launched its machine called D-VINE. They presented their invention in the 2016 CES : a machine able to reproduce the effects of a carafe and the gestures of the sommelier to obtain the same effects at home and instantly without having to wait several hours that the wine is at good temperature and properly oxygenated.

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And they made it even better in this new 2017 edition of CES : they presented the “Connect” the  sister of D-vine. This time, the machine is more interactive and give advice to its users about the wine they should consume with the meal they are eating. With Connect, the company wants to “(…) bring a complete wine experience and make users’ lives easier with a personal wine assistant.”


The price of this machine will surely frustrate more than one as it is sold at the price of 800 euros. However as the founders of the company explains, their main customers will be the hotels.

End of 2017 10-wines aims to open a complete cocktail bar in California. Subsequently, it hopes to make available its D-Vine Connect for households in 2018.

Wait and see

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  1. Avatar alimurat says:

    In the end, this machine will not give me, what I really want from a wine. I do not believe that it will change the world on my pespective. Wine lovers are there to go to shop and buy wine what ever the price… how big the bottle… Does not matter but interesting product in the end. thanks for the post 🙂

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