A selfie is the new doctors appointment

Computer vision, speech recognition, and natural language processing are all new problems of today’s Big Data world, that are addressed by Deep Learning technologies – an advanced development of machine learning processes.

The medicine and beauty treatment industries are certainly getting disrupted by today’s rapidly developing engineering methods. Just this month, an application Face2Gene was launched, which is designed for… identifying rare diseases with A SELFIE! It lets people make a snap of their faces and receive a suggested diagnosis from thousands of different genetic disorders.

The mission of the FDNA company, who developed the app, is to help healthcare providers find answers faster in hopes of saving lives and improving patient quality of life. It’s been said that one in 10 people suffer from rare diseases – the system is already covering thousands of disorders that are then being confirmed by a real clinician, this way also improving the app itself with every diagnosis. The plans of the founders are to extend the power of the app from identifying syndromes to defining the types of autism, delivered by Nvidia news. 

And that all is at the same time with another application released by Olay, for being able to snap your skin and receive a detailed recommendation on the areas that need to be addressed with suggested treatments, as an answer to a constant struggle of women in choosing the right products for their needs. This skin care evaluation app was tested on 50,000 selfies of different aged women and keeps on getting traction. The apps are powered by a combination of facial analysis, deep learning and artificial intelligence, Nvidia news.

Deep learning is taking medicine and cosmetology to a whole new level, and that is just a small piece of it! 

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2 thoughts on “A selfie is the new doctors appointment

  1. Justine Astier says:

    In the same kind of application, there is L’Oréal’s Makeup Genious application that helps consumers choose products with a selfie. I find the concept nice but we can see that there are often “bug” in the application. By cons being able to detect a disease with just a selfie … I am some may dubious. I think that in case of an error it can just freak out the person who uses it.

  2. ebrg says:

    I’m a bit dubious concerning this application. How just by taking a picture and send it you can have a diagnosis. I think for a disease or even skin care or problem nothing is better than a specialist.
    I think it like Doctissimo when you write your symptoms your more afraid after the answer than before and most of the time it’s not true.

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