The cost of your personal data

What do we give up our privacy for? The answer is – a picture. Or, to be more precise an app, which makes you look like a doll on the picture. But what exactly are giving up to have a doll look?

Please, meet the Meitu – Chinese app, that gives you a Japanese-anime inspired makeover. Who doesn’t want to look good on the picture? But let’s see if it’s really worth it.
Here’s the screenshot of the privacy policy e.g. things that you allow the app to control:

What foe the photo-app needs the access to our calls? Or even our identity?
The app has collecting the data, which is not only private, yet also valuable and sometimes even dangerous for ourselves. one of the most dangerous thing that you give the access to – is your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). The main purposes of the IMEI are: identify mobile devices, and prevention of a theft. In the wrong hands your IMEI can be used in order to track you, your calls and messages, or even to clone your phone. Meitu claims, that it will only use your data for five following purposes:

(I) To improve product functionality and upgrade user experience, thereby offering better services for the user;

(II) For identity verification, security control and customer services, so as to ensure the normal use and security of Meitu;

(III) To enable Meitu to better understand the interests of the user to help Meitu to respond to user’s individual demands;

(IV) Meitu may use the user’s personal information to prevent, find and investigate the practices of fraud, endangering of security, illegal actions or other conduct violating the agreement, policy or rules between the user and Meitu or its associated parties, so as to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Meitu or its associated parties;

(V) To enable the user to participate in the surveys of Meitu’s relevant products and services.

However, you are never aware of real situation until it gets obvious disaster.

So, how much are ready to give for a cute picture of yourself? Not your personal data, for heavens sake.


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4 thoughts on “The cost of your personal data

  1. mskorodzien says:

    Hey, I didn’t know about it. This vision of copying my phone is so scary, after that article I checked all my apps privacy policy, cause I was not aware of that consequences. Thank You Katherina.

    • kmaslova says:

      You are welcome, Magda! It’s always good to double check, because as I have mentioned before – hackers don’t sleep, and now they can copy your fingerprints from the picture you posted on social media.

  2. alimurat says:

    Of course, there are many apps which totally the same shit.. Taking your data and selling those data to other companies. Then you are always wondering, why a bank that you even never entered to its brand, is calling you all the time :). But That is why, I love apple products. Because in apple those apps are not able to do it. Compared to android apps, they can get your credit card number without your permission WTS.

    • kmaslova says:

      Talking about privacy, I`ve just read the article on TechCrunch about a new online threat – now hackers can steal your fingerprints from a high-quality photo…And that’s even more dangerous!

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