Do you love technology as much as your dog? 

You don’t have to be a crazy pet person to get onboard with this idea. But it helps.

Do you ever wonder what your dog is doing all day while you’re at work or school? I do. There are two cool companies that make it possible to check in on your dog while you’re away. Petcube and Petzi Connect.

Petcube is a box that contains a wide-angle HD camera, microphone, speakers, and a laser pointer. When you’re not home you can see what your pet is up to. You can even use the laser to play with them a bit. The best part is that this is all done through your smart phone! You can also get sound and motion alerts so you can see if anything major is happening. But the idea behind Petcube is not only to interact with your pet and keep tabs on your pet, but to also keep them active.  With the built in laser toy you can play with and exercise your pet at any time. You can also use the “autoplay” mode to keep your pet entertained if you’re too busy to do it yourself.

Current price: $149

Petzi Connect is a device that is similar to the Petcube. But instead of using a laser pointer to play games, it has a treat dispenser so you can spoil your pet even when you’re not around. Another difference is that Petzi Connect plugs directly into the wall whereas Petcube can be placed anywhere. While Petcube allows you to speak to your pets, Petzi offers a two-way audio and video connection.

Current price: $169.95

Both are reasonably priced considering what they do. What makes these cameras “pet cameras” rather than regular cameras, aside from the marketing, are the interaction features.  Both use smartphone apps as the main user interface and are both available for iOS snd Android.

Although the technology is a bit quirky, it is another convenience that technology allows us to enjoy. Now I can sit at work and give my dog a treat, just because. I can check in on him to make sure he hasn’t gotten into any trouble. I can also get great new pictures for his Instagram…follow him! @hugo_warsaw_frenchie. 


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4 thoughts on “Do you love technology as much as your dog? 

  1. mikeklepacz says:

    My parents would love this! Their dogs would also love it!

  2. imysliwiec says:

    Thats a nice invention, im sure it is especially usefull when you have baby dogs, and you are wondering what they are doing at home as you can not trust them 100%.
    Also the pricing is in my view reasonable, 150$ is really not that much and if dogs really like the laser play, their owners will have one more problem off.
    Im sure this app will be connected to some food suspenders in the future!

  3. Justine Astier says:

    I find this application really cool. More than one pet owner will appreciate it. I even wonder if this application could not be used for other uses, such as the surveillance of houses

  4. ebrg says:

    I really like this application and I think it can be really usefull for pet owner. As “imysliwiec” said I think it can be really good for puppies to accustom them to be alone at home so you can check on them if they are not doing a mess at your place and you can also entertain them so I think it’s really cool.

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