Half of the world’s population do not have access to Internet

We tend to think of Internet as of something inherent, a part of our life that has rooted so deeply, that is almost impossible to cut of. But is it the real situation for the whole world?

How many people in the world you think don’t  have access to Internet? 10 per cent? Or 20?

The reality can be very different from what we expect.

According to different sources more than half of the world’s population doesn’t have an access to Internet. Could we even think that in 21st century, when about 61% of web users feel addicted to the Internet, 54% of the world will be disconnected from the world wide web? And what are those countries?

Among countries, who have less than 3% of penetration of Internet in the population are African countries like Somalia and Niger, followed by Asian less developed countries (e.g. Myanmar). Generally, 50 first countries with smallest percentage of penetration are African and Asian countries.

This information has to be taken into consideration especially while establishing an international company, or while expanding abroad.
If you think of promoting your product in Africa, opening a new branch of the business, or even travelling to the unknown country it is always worth checking Internet statistics, to prevent your business from bankruptcy, or just from an unpleasant surprises.



Internet Addiction Statistics

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2 thoughts on “Half of the world’s population do not have access to Internet

  1. alimurat says:

    I believe, Internet might be the reason, most of the countries (governments) do not want to invest money to bring internet access to their countries because of the freedom itself, which we have on the internet. People will see what is going on, be aware of everything. Internet is something uniqe that you might only have, when you feel free…

  2. Katarzyna Zalewska says:

    Wow, these numbers are pretty terrifying! I remember watching this amazing TED talk where Suki Kim told a story of how she was teaching English in North Korea for a couple of years. It made me realize that not all people in the world have the same, comfortable situation (as me). That’s not something you think about every day, when you’re scrolling Facebook feed, right? But how abstract it seems to us that people our age, just living in other country, don’t even realize there’s a thing called the Internet. That’s super disruptive!

    I totally recommend watching this TED talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6weGCM3sWKc

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