50 Million Subsicribe on Youtube

I believe everyone heard Pewdiepie who has a channel in YouTube with over 50 million Subscribers currently.

It is the biggest channel on Youtube. According to Socialblade, the second biggest channel is HolaSoyGerman, which has 30,753,543 subscribers currently.

Now it is time for the story. How a person from Sweden became this bigger on YouTube? What he made through all this way?

Basically funny things…!!!

The most important thing to mention, what Pewdiepie did to get attention about an important issue which is going-on on YouTube.

In 2016, YouTube changed its algorithm about showing Videos on the main page. Youtubers were complaining about how the views of the video decreased dramatically. Posting to twitter and publishing videos did not get enough attention from the media and YouTube itself.

Pewdiepie decided to make a movement about this issue to get media’s attention. Basically, he just recorded a video about explaining the issue and promising the delete his channel, when it hits 50 million subscribers. He explained that because of the changes in YouTube algorithm, he could not even see the new videos of the channels, he subscribed to… When a channel has a lot of subscribers, YouTube algorithm stops showing the new videos on YouTube currently.

Of course, this video got a lot of attention from the media and pewdiepie started to reach much more subscribers that he could get in a year in few weeks.

There were a lot of news on the Internet about this video above and media started paying attention to YouTube algorithm problem finally. There were countdowns on many websites for Pewdiepie subscribers count live. When he reached the 50 million subscribers finally, he published a video which he was deleting his another channel and explaining the situation that it was a joke and a viral marketing for his branding.

To be honest, people did not complain about it at all. Because who does not like pewdiepie let’s say. The only thing now, YouTube knows that it has to do something about this algorithm issue and solve it. Otherwise, it will affect both ways. Since most of the big YouTube channels work as full-time Youtubers for their living to earn money.

What you think about this? A person who has over 50 million subscribers which is bigger than most of the European countries population. I always count him such “if he decided to join the election in UK, he will for use win it…”




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