Ecoism, the invention that will make you save energy

Ecoisme was created in 2013 in London, England where its headquarters are still located. The goal is to help people save money on electricity bills and to save energy resources at the same time. Their partners are energy distributors such as EDF, Virgin, Telekom, Dubai electricity and water authority.

Discovered during the CES 2017, Ecoism 2.0 is an energy monitoring system that monitors your heating, your oven, your television, and all your domestical eletronic device. Ecoisme can manage them according to the local tariffs and user habits.

But that’s not all, because Ecoisme is monitoring electricity usage of your major appliances and applying its machine learning algorithms Ecoisme canĀ  predict when an appliance is likely to fail. It can help you to save some money by being better prepared of the future failure.

Ecoism is a sensor to connect to any electrical panel, by using two clamps and an application.
The Ecoisme kit consists of the sensor and the mobile application. It just needs to connect Ecoisme to electrical panel and download the app.
Then sensor turns fuse box into a data center. The application becomes energy manager, which takes care of energy bills. It lets know how to optimize energy within homes to be able eliminate overpayments. It gives you personalized advice and recommendations directly on your smartphone.


If you have solar pannels, Ecoisme is able to monitor the level of solar energy charge and will let its user know when its level has been exhausted or when they have extra energy for sale.

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