The new iPhone with a bendable display

Actually we can assume that Apple will introduce 3 new iPhone models this year. More than for the expected iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, people are waiting for the iPhone 8. The first two mentioned will be launched with the traditional LCD-Screen not as the iPhone 8, which will be equipped with the pretty expensive, high-quality OLED Display, but that’s not all of the surprises Apple is preparing for its fans.

Few days ago Apple’s display provider Japan Display Incorporation has presented its newest invention, a bendable screen for smartphones. It is a 5,5 inches screen which is elastic and has FullHD-resolution. Samsung and LG have had this idea since a very long time, but that days both of them focused on their OLED-Technology. Now Japan Displays wants to penetrated the market and become the market leader.



Flexible synthetic material instead of glass

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple announced that the next iPhone is going to have a new screen. The production is going to start by the beginning of 2018. JDI, Apple’s display manufacturer, is going to introduce high flexible synthetic instead of the glass display we got used to in our phones. This screen is going to be unbreakable, which will a huge advantage for the user. Also the design can be modified in more ways than it could have been up to date. Furthermore is the LCD-technology ways cheaper than the OLED invention, LG and Samsung invested in. This could give Apple the opportunity for more savings and a higher margin as it is producing millions of iPhones each year. The sales disparity between the huge number of sold iPhones compared with the sales size of MacBook or iPads is drastic.

The only disadvantage of LCD-screens in comparison to the OLED technology is the colour display, which is ways better on the OLED screens. Furthermore do LCD-screens use less energy, so the smartphone’s battery will last longer.

Taking under consideration all the disadvantages and advantages of these two screen types, Apple shows a big interest in introduction of the bendable LCD-displays for its iPhones and later even for the iPads. The mass production was settled to start in the beginning of 2018. We will find out soon!

One thought on “The new iPhone with a bendable display

  1. Justine Astier says:

    It is true that the unbreakable screen seems to be a very good idea according to the cost of the replacement of a screen of a broken Iphone’ screen.
    But honestly, I can not really understand the advantage of this new screen, why always try to push further into technology? It even makes me think of the history of the Iphone 6 which experienced a problem of solidity

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