The world is open to you (if you are a start-uper)

It seems, that the world has finally realised that technology is driven by inspired people, no matter where they come from. India, Belarus or United States – brilliant minds are equal in the eyes of a techno-evolution. Travelling to another country is ain’t easy, relocating there – sometimes becomes mission impossible. Unfortunately, not every country can boast its progress and business-friendly policies, which ease the work of start-ups. Yet fortunately, country by country in EU start to implement new regulations, that attract start-ups from all over the world.

Estonia and France are being the most proactive countries of the EU – they are first to introduce start-up visas. Now, a non-european citizen can relocate and continue changing the world in those countries.

Here is what Mari Vavulski, the head of Startup Estonia and initiators of the program, says:

“Compared with most of the other startup visa programs, the Estonian one differs by offering preferential terms for obtaining a visa or a permit for both the startup entrepreneurs who wish to set up or relocate their company to Estonia as well as employees seeking to work for Estonian startups”.

Sounds good, ha?

French tech visa isn’t far from that:

Its general features are:

  • Validity: Four years, on a renewable basis.
  • Family: “Talent Passport – Family” residence permit granted to spouse of the main applicant, guaranteeing identical family treatment and automatic labor market access (as an employee, business founder, etc.).
  • No work permit is required for any work performed as an employee.
  • Upon certain conditions, a fast-track procedure will be provided.

Congratulations Estonia and France for being the most far-sighted countries!

Startup visas have been introduced in more that 10 countries around the world, and we hope, that a lot more are about to come. For the technology sake.



Estonia launches a startup visa programme


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One thought on “The world is open to you (if you are a start-uper)

  1. evmatvienko says:

    You have touched a hot topic. In my personal view, an introduction of the start-up visas is a great new option, and I am really for such kind of policies. Today, many active people are constantly searching for a new prospect and the decisions, such as pointed out in your post, represent a real chance to move forward. There is also an opportunity for the country which offers such potential to attract more long-term prospective projects and professionals, new knowledge and innovations. Although, this may contribute to the outflow of highly skilled workers from some countries. For example, as far as I know Poland is experiencing a demographic crisis and a brain drain from the country, so the Government is now configured to develop programs that will attract more foreign investments and return those Polish professionals who have left to work in other nations.

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