Things you didn’t know about Snapchat

It’s been a while since Snapchat filed for a $3 million IPO on the New York Stock Exchange. News about Snapchat is going public have flown all over the world twice and came back to the point, where it feels that our knowledge about the company is very humble, so why not enrich it?

Starting from basics:

  • Snapchat was initially released in September 2011, but did you know that original name was “Picaboo” (and now ghost-logo makes more sense)
  • First ad that appeared in October 2014 on Snapchat was a 20-second movie trailer for the horror-movie Ouija. It was one of the first steps to monetise the app
  • Number of daily users s constantly growing, in February 2017 it has reached 158 million daily users and 301 million monthly users.

Getting into some interesting statistics:

  • 11% of drivers admit using or checking Snapchat wile using the car
  • 16 heads of state governments have a Snapchat account and use it
  • 35% of users use Snapchat because of disappearing content
  • projected ad revenue for 2017 – $935.46 million

And finishing with the facts:

  • Snapchat has launched Snap Foundation, to help developing youth arts and education.
  • At first Snapchat was a school project
  • Snapchat had submitted a patent application for the process of using an object recognition system to deliver sponsored filters based on objects seen in a camera view, which totally changes the world of ads and marketing in general.

Share in comments what was new to you, or what wasn’t mentioned in the article. Let’s share wisdom!


121 Amazing Snapchat Statistics and Facts (February 2017)

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3 thoughts on “Things you didn’t know about Snapchat

  1. evmatvienko says:

    Interesting facts. I think I can add a few more to your list. Did you know, that Snapchat rejected two offers of its acquisition by both Facebook ($3B) (when Snapchat was a two-year-old company) and around the same time by Google ($4B) ?

  2. Dominika Mularska says:

    All these fact were new to me to be honest, it is interesting that snapchat was school project and that they have foundation this is nice that through they work they help others

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