Coding for kids. Necessary?

Modern school programs often include science classes, like maths and biology, physical education and ethics. School programs are improving, but not really changing. The way kids learn at school now hasn’t changed much since 1950s. But in the 21 century it may be harmful underestimate the role of the technology in our lives. Kids learn how to play iPad even before they learn how to speak. So, wouldn’t it be right to teach them useful knowledge.

It is believed that coding will become a new blue-collar job in the future – basic of the basics, something everyone should be able to do. School provides us with basic knowledge that will help us to adapt in the future workplace. But where’s the techno-part in this program. It seems, that they need a total makeover.

Luckily, some schools start playing by the rules of the new century, one of them – Victorian schools in Melbourne. They introduced computer coding for children. Now kids from early age are taught how to use, and what is more how to embrace technology.
Minister for Education James Merlino believes that The Digital Technologies curriculum will enable students to become confident and creative developers of digital solutions through computer coding and other advanced skills.

What do you think – is it necessary to teach kids coding at school?


The Next Blue Collar Job? Coding

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