Comeback of indestructible

Think of the most indestructible phone in the world. Most probably you, or your friend had it. It’s Nokia 3310, remember?

Seventeen years after a glorious launch the father of the mobile phone is back.
The fan-club of the model was growing ever since, and now it’s time for a comeback.
Why people loved it so much? Numerous reasons, but the most common ones – indestructible, excellent battery, and best before-AngryBirds game “Snake”.
Nokia 3310, or improved version of it will be launched in a month for an expected price of 63$. For everybody who feels nostalgic about the past, or wants to quit online social life – Nokia is the solution.
Official launch – February 26. Probably, it’s not a new iPhone, but isn’t it exciting what happened to your favourite phone?


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2 thoughts on “Comeback of indestructible

  1. Agnieszka Ryszawa says:

    I recon fan-club is there for it nowadays, because the phone itself is simple. Text, phone and Snake – that is pretty much it and thats all you really need. Now we are constantly bombarded with notifications about other people (FB, Twitter so on), movies (ImdB)etc.
    I know you can just turn them off or uninstall but the temptation is there and if you can have it then why not?

  2. Dominika Mularska says:

    God my parents would be happy to have this phone back hahah they are tired of iPhones and this complicated software and options, if they could have the Nokia back just to call they clients and friends and having no social media there they would have less problems and more time

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