Comeback of indestructible

Think of the most indestructible phone in the world. Most probably you, or your friend had it. It’s Nokia 3310, remember?

Seventeen years after a glorious launch the father of the mobile phone is back.
The fan-club of the model was growing ever since, and now it’s time for a comeback.
Why people loved it so much? Numerous reasons, but the most common ones – indestructible, excellent battery, and best before-AngryBirds game “Snake”.
Nokia 3310, or improved version of it will be launched in a month for an expected price of 63$. For everybody who feels nostalgic about the past, or wants to quit online social life – Nokia is the solution.
Official launch – February 26. Probably, it’s not a new iPhone, but isn’t it exciting what happened to your favourite phone?


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