Social Media Influencers – Why they matter

Thanks to the connected world and social media Influencers (SMI); introducing the worldwide and new word-of-mouth type, being today, one of the most effective digital marketing strategy ever created for both small business and larger ones.

Being once unknown to the world, social media influencers are now “icons” in the social media sphere and beyond. Whether they are present on YouTube, blogs, Instagram or other, Social Media Influencers are now everywhere on the internet; creating contains where they communicate and share their personal life, ideas, passion, products experience and many other. Many social media Influencers have gained over time a large and significant number of viewers and followers as well as love towards them from their audience, creating communities that groups members with similar interests. The word “influencer” directly insinuates the power of these individuals towards their viewers which with their advice on products on their channels can result to persuade their audience thanks to their authenticity and built strong truest over the years. Now investing on influencers as a marketing strategy is one of the clever way to market a product and/or brand, from small business to worldwide ones, which on average, the return on $1 dollar invested on it marketing approach is counted at $6.50, resulting to place as well first of the most cost-effective marketing strategy regarding costumer acquisition and which more than half of all 125 marketers answered to believe gaining the best quality kind of customers through their social influencers in comparison to other marketing form. Study found by Twitter and Annalect that 40% of responded claimed to have purchase at least one product thanks to a social media influencer, and which nearly 50% claimed that they believe and rely on product recommendations from influencers before purchasing. No wonder why, among all marketing channel it is the fastest growing market channels online which somewhat 60% of all marketers had for plans to increase their budget on it strategy during 2015/2016 according to Tomoson marketing study. The reason of it digital success is because people truest individuals more than brands themselves and sometimes recruiting a celebrity to represent a brand can be highly costly and out of reach for most businesses, inversely to SMI which result to a great win-win situation for all parties (businesses, potential new customers and social media influencers).
Choosing the right influencer for the right business is as well important. A large and wide audience have both positive and negative aspect where it is good to reach as much people as possible but an analyse of what kind of audience a particular influencer has is crucial. Businesses have to think about the influencer like a real ambassador, where, not only it is important to take in consideration influencer’ popularity level but also analyse if most of it followers match the company’ target consumers. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the influencer chosen, will later on represent the brand, it is therefore important to take into consideration the story of the influencer, how they behave (regularly posts, use hashtags, posts appropriate contains), how they followers respond to their contains etc. Any SMI is not right for a particular business, but, businesses not taking this digital marketing strategy trend seriously should watch out and envisage twice to it decision.





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3 thoughts on “Social Media Influencers – Why they matter

  1. Avatar Mariia Manoilo says:

    Hi! It is very nice article, I must admit.
    I am also very interested in SMI and bloggers’ influence on marketing management, and that is why I have chosen this topic for my master thesis. Having already conducted my own research, I have found that there is a crucial thing, which all Influencers recognize, when signing a deal with a brand: to advertise a product in any way (WoM, Review, Haul, Product Placement, etc.), they have to like it. All Influencers, that I have already interviewed claimed, that they only advertise products or services, which they would really use in their own life. So, to my mind, it is one of the most important elements of their success and relevance.

  2. Avatar Agnieszka Ryszawa says:

    Yeah nice article, but I generally don’t get why would someone trust a random person, who just post pictures with lets say a face cream saying is good.
    In the article you stated it’s because people trust individuals more than brands – I think it’s a correct assumption, however question is why is that. Certainly that person is not an expert on chemical analysis of that product – they can just say “Hey its a good product! use it”, because they got paid and got picked, because they have a pretty face.

  3. Avatar Dominika Mularska says:

    This thing about social media influencers still surprise me how did it happened that unknown people easily could become famous and recommend products of some brands.. that shows how internet is powerful these days and how brands need attention from the people in social media.

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