Animoji – new way of killing time from Apple

If you are still not convinced whether to buy the new iPhone X or not for only $999, this new feature might convince you to purchase it.

iOS 11 includes a new animated emoji feature known as “Animoji”. This responds to facial expressions via the iPhone X camera, to animate various 3D animated emojis that can be sent as a video file with sound.

Maybe this feature is not what makes you pay $999 from your pocket, but in reality, emotions are a good selling instrument, and in this case, animated emoticons – is a 100% hit. The people who get the iPhone X and try this new function are full of joy. Similar reactions once caused, and still cause, the Snapchat application filters, but Apple technology went on much further.

What we imagine for ourselves as entertainment or silliness, is a complex technology based on rather complicated processes. Each animoji has a range of expressions which respond to the face being recorded. The Animoji mouth also animates to match the words being spoken, or sung in the case of “Animoji Karaoke” – the new trend on the Internet.

With the help of Animoji people record clips and sing famous songs, and it looks like it is only the beginning.

Look at this version of the STAR WARS songs 🙂

There are even step-by-step instructions available on the Internet on how to record your own Animoji Karaoke song. Here is one of them

I personally do not share the affection about animoji (maybe because I don’t have the iPhone X), but Apple fancies animoji as the evolution of emoji. Moreover, they might also be the next stage in the development of voicemail. They certainly make sound messages vastly more interesting and engaging.



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2 thoughts on “Animoji – new way of killing time from Apple

  1. Alevtyna Chernykh says:

    I am personally not convinced to buy I Phone X only because of only Animoji. However, this new tech is really impressive. Well, at least, it makes lots of buzz around the Internet. It is fun to watch it and even more fun to make it, I guess. Though, I think, when considering to buy I Phone X, there are much more other quite nice features that are worth trying out on the new Apple product. On the other side, taking into consideration the modern competition among new arrivals in the smartphone industry, like Pixel by Google, makes Apple to be more inventive in terms of how to catch the attention of their consumers.

  2. Victoria Petitjean says:

    I feel like this Animoji is this kind of feature that makes a buzz for a short period of time but as cute as it is will not be used that often by the user. I was actually very unimpressed to see Animoji coming into the iPhone X, I mean I expect so much more than that from Apple. I miss the enthusiasm i had whenever i was watching new launches from Apples.
    For such a brand, having so much possibilities to really push technology forward it seem like their popularity makes them lazier and lazier… and when they do push it a little, prices are skyrocketing like crazy. Sorry Apple, I love you but for this one, it is a No for me.

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