Will it ever be possible for a robot to know our tastes and even to get wishes for our birthday? Can these taking care of our health? Can these remember our commitments? All this is possible today. Robots have somehow become part of our lives and will be more and more present in our homes. Two exemples of this are Jibo robot and Pillo robot.

Jibo is a sort of social robot designed to help the family stay connected in the home and it is aimed at living with humans. Home is its natural habit, it can recognizes faces and voices, can takes photos, makes video calls, reads and sends messages, remembers an appointment, and interacts with family. It can recognize the persons of the family thanks to  thanks to two high-resolution cameras and a 360 degree sonic microphone. It’s only 28 inches tall and weighs just over 2 kg. These features allow it to easily move it to the rooms in the house where it serves. In 2014 Jibo raised more than $3 million from excited backers.

Jibo is composed by a white orb that moves around the screen, it blinks and it smiles at you. The design is realistic, the voice sounds like a 10 years old boy. It is full of sensors and speakers. During the setup it teaches you the phrase: “Hey Jibo” which you always have to say to get his attention. It is special because it can learn habits and preferences of all members of the family. If a blue ring around his waist lights up, you know it worked. When it doesn’t know something it apologizes to you. He can’t yet order food through apps, browse the web, play music, initiate video chats or give you recipes. Those are just a few skills they promised.

Risultati immagini per jibo robot

In the following video is shown how they can change our daily actions thanks to social robots like Jibo. In this case an example of how to order a pizza.

The price is 749$ but it is not ever available to buy. We need to book it before to buy. We are going to have a new open market where many developers can develop and create amazing apps.

Similar to the latter but with different functions there is Pillo. Pillo is a small nursing robot who takes care of our family and our healty. It can to deliver the medicines at the right time and with the right dosage, it is possible to have a direct contact with the doctor who appears on the screen and evaluating our physical condition. In fact inside the round head has a medicine container while facial recognition allows him to understand who’s in front to give him the right pills. It is also important that it can also see who has forgotten to take the medicines and remind him.

In the social robot market this is an innovative product that was lacking in the sanitary field, the purpose of which is to bring care directly to the home, avoiding clogging hospitals and making long queues from the doctor. Anyway it must be understood as long as it can be useful without replacing the doctor in his main tasks. It does not have to replace the doctor but be a link to this. Pillo will have an app store and in a shortly time will have many more functions. An ambitious pills dispenser robot as Pillo is not cheap, with a final $ 599 retail price. However, if you support the Indiegogo campaign, you can get a $ 269 pre-prepay bonus plus shipping cost and is shipped Worldwide. However Pillo and Jibo are not the only social robots on the market. We can think for example at Amazon Echo or at the next Apple Homepod.

We are preparing to live in a world not only more technologically but with robots who will live with us, will replace some of our functions and will be part of our lives. Probably will come a time not far off that we will start thinking about these robots more like a person than an appliance. Is it fair, for example, that a robot replaces the mother in her son’s growth example reading a fairy tale? I do not think so. Probably it meets limits. However A robot can not replace a doctor, can not take part in our social life. These robots should play in a family a role don’t isolating people, like smartphone and tablet screens tend to do, but even encourage growth mindset and inquisitiveness in children. We need to understand where technology can go and what are its limits.

Summing up, the question is:

Risultati immagini per pillo robot




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  1. Alevtyna Chernykh says:

    Hey) Great article!
    Honestly answering the question underneath the article, I would, probably, trust a robot to somehow help me in my daily life. But, still, you are right about saying that such modern tech innovations should not substitute the humans, but there main task, at least right now, is to assist people. Today, as the world develops, we might need some other level of help, in fact, robots can do this job best. However, it is hard to face it right now, because the world is still developing and it is hard to assume what changes will come next.

  2. Mariia Manoilo says:

    Hi! I really liked your article!
    I think that someday I would go for a home robot! But probably not so shortly. In my opinion, artificial intelligence is already a part of our lives, for example Siri in iPhones, smart homes, some chatbots etc. That is why I think that robots will also gradually come into our lives and later become irreplaceable just like plumbing or heating. But if I were to choose, I would start with Jibo, not Pillo, because at the moment I can not trust a robot as much as I can trust myself in health issues. Also, there are many situations when you have to take a pill when you are not at home, and there Pillo can’t help you if you forgot your medicine at home.

  3. Gianluca Moneta says:

    What is certain is that we finally arrived in that future populated by robots that once we saw only in science fiction movies! I also agree that we must be cautious and aware of the limits that a machine inevitably has! Some feelings and emotions can not be taught, so we do not have to get the situation out of our hands. In any case, technological evolution can not be stopped right now and I believe that this type of robots is able to solve the problems for which they were created in the best way!

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