Spectacles, cool Snapchat gadget, but is it worth buying?

Spectacles are a new product from Snapchat, these are special glasses equipped in camera that records 10 second long(or more) videos with sound from our eyes perspective. This product is now widely available to buy through their website, but when they first introduced them, only US based customers could buy them and it was also not so easy. They could be purchased in special Snapbots and people could check their actual location on special website. Now Snapbots were placed also in London and Barcelona, more locations are to be announced.

Spectacles are sold in three different colors, the package includes case that is also a charger and portable powerbank. The glasses are trendy with rounded frames. Once you record videos with them, they are stored in the glasses, then if you connect your Spectacles with Snapchat app via Bluetooth the videos are imported to app’s memories. The battery is said to last for about 100 snaps and the case can recharge your device up to four times. Glasses can work even if your phone battery dies, they save the videos and you can just import them to your phone later.

The device was created especially for Snapchat users, but there is a possibility to import the videos to your camera roll so theoretically you could use them also for other apps or to upload to Youtube, but there is a small catch. Spectacles record circular videos so if you rotate your phone you can see more but the same way it does not make sense to upload such round video anywhere else because it looks weird.

What is great about this glasses is that you can take videos from your own eyes perspective without holding your phone, so you are phone-free and also your hands are free, this way you can save spectacular views and share your experience with others. This is first gadget of this type that is actually trendy, good quality product (with not great quality videos), very user friendly and for such tech innovation also affordable with price tag of 130 US dollars.

For people who use Snapchat often it might be a really cool device to record even better content to their profiles. For sure it is fun to use them, but the big disadvantage is that they are basically for Snapchat users only.


So what do you guys think? Would you buy such product or you think it is complete waste of money?







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6 thoughts on “Spectacles, cool Snapchat gadget, but is it worth buying?

  1. Mariia Manoilo says:

    Hi! I think that if you can upload the video from the glasses to YouTube, it does not limit the users of the glasses to only Snapchat users.. However, I think that this device may be very useful for the people, who love to attend festivals and concerts! Because, you know, all the time somebody (or it is even you) holds their phone in front of your eyes, and you actually cant see the singer or a band for whom you have come to the event. Therefore, if everybody would use such glasses to record videos during concerts, the world would be a better place! 🙂

    • Wiktoria Kania says:

      Hi! I agree that it is a great solution for such event like music festivals, but what I meant that it is basically for Snapchat users only because the video is round and it looks great on Snapchat because you can hold your phone in different positions and take a look from different angle but on Youtube it looks weird because the video is cut round and you have blank white around the video. Anyway the gadget seems to be great and has many different potential usages:)

  2. Alevtyna Chernykh says:

    I agree, this device seems to ease our lives while going to concerts and also other places. Of course, it will not substitute a real good camera, however, it will be very easy to make great videos while you are travelling, for example, without always carrying your camera all the way around. And also, it is quite handy device, if you can upload the videos to any other places, except Snapchat. Such glasses are a good thing to get, I think.

    • Wiktoria Kania says:

      Hi 🙂
      I agree. Use of the glasses during travels can be great solution if you don’t want to carry your camera all the time. It would be nice if the quality of the videos was like in the regular camera, but anyway I also think that this gadget is a cool thing to get.

  3. Agnieszka Ryszawa says:


    Definitely it would be way better than people holding up their phones and ruining the view of the show.
    Quite handy as it was mentioned before during travel – no need to worry about pickpocketing – who would steal glasses that are on your nose right?
    If it connects via Bluetooth it can be hacked right? That could have some intresting outcomes.

  4. Viktor Paulsson says:

    Nice post! According to me this is definitely something that will be more common in the future. As previously mentioned, the usage during for instance concerts could be really efficient. Another potential customer is extreme sporters, if of course the glasses can survive such conditions. Nevertheless, the price is indeed considered attractive.

    I’m longing for a product that will look exactly like a par of sun glasses and perhaps even includes shaded glass. Thus, one will always carry around them during the summer, with no difference from how it works nowadays, and still capture the world from the perspective of your own eyes. However, this comes with an obstacle though, since people secretly can be caught on film against their own will.

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